5 activities to keep kids busy on moving day

Moving is stressful for the whole family. There are so many tasks to complete and your kids are too young to help. The moving day marks the culmination of days or preparation. That’s when it really gets tough. The key is to keep kids busy on moving day so you can concentrate on working knowing that they are fine. The most important thing is not to panic. You’ve got this. You know your kids better than anyone else. Only you can pick the best way to keep them busy when the moving day comes. And we’re here to give you a few suggestions.

Why you need to keep kids busy on moving day

Even the best-behaved children eventually get bored and boredom can make them cranky. Besides, your home isn’t the safest environment for kids on a moving day. And you won’t be able to keep an eye on them the whole time, making sure they don’t hurt themselves.

Stuffed animals used to keep kids busy on moving day

Keep kids busy on moving day, so that you can focus on getting things done instead of having to watch them all day.

Also, at the end of the moving day, when your moving professionals AZ leave, you’ll be all sore and emotionally drained. After all, we don’t say goodbye forever to our home that often. If you did not manage to keep your little ones busy during the moving day, they’ll still be full of energy and that’s the last thing you need. You need them to be ready for bed so that you can finally get some rest, too.

These 5 activities will keep children occupied on moving day

Fun with toys

With scissors and other sharp things lying around, as well as heavy items being carried in and out of the house, moving day can be quite dangerous for children. So, it would be wise to prepare a “safe room” just for them. Tell your movers Green Valley AZ where the kids will be to ensure they don’t barge in.

Since all the electronics have to be packed at some point, give the kids a few low-maintenance toys you can easily put in a box later on. Supply them with coloring books, toy blocks, dolls, etc. Board games are also a good idea. Some movers may provide activity packs to keep kids busy on moving day. This should be one of the questions to ask a moving company. The kids will need age-appropriate activities, so make sure to inform the movers how old the kids are and how many packs to bring.

An art project

If you don’t have to return your moving boxes, let your children adorn them. In moderation, of course – you still need the boxes to serve their main purpose. Explain to your kids that they can decorate the boxes, as long as they don’t rip anything. Kids can easily help label the boxes, which is actually very useful. With your instructions, some markers, stickers, and glitter, your kids will be helpful while having fun.

A kid coloring and a box of crayons

Boxes should be color-coded anyway. Why not let your kids do it?

Just make sure they don’t interfere with the movers’ work. The children can also help pack their toys and other non-breakable items, which will cut the costs for Tucson movers and all other moving professionals. 

A mov(i)e day

This is one of the easiest ways to entertain kids on moving day. If you decide to bring your laptop with you, instead of shipping it, you can ask them what children’s movies they would like to see. If the movies are moving-themed, even better! In case your furniture is gone, put pillows or blankets on the floor, provide snacks and let them watch. They can also watch something in the car on the way to your new home. Alternatively, they can play video games for kids.

A “camping trip”

As we mentioned, there should be a safe and quiet place where your kids can spend time. You can set up a small tent in a room that’s already been emptied or in the backyard and send them on a “camping trip” for a few hours. Your little campers could also use some sleeping bags and flashlights. Also, give them snacks and drinks, similar to those you would bring on a real camping trip.

Outdoor activities to keep kids busy on moving day

Another effective solution is sending them outdoors if the weather permits. In addition to camping, the children could play many outdoor games in the backyard, such as hide-and-seek, hopscotch or tag. Furthermore, they can take the family dog for a walk or spend time on the playground. Your dog can keep them company the whole time since animals also need to be away from the moving commotion. So, if they are old enough, tell the children to keep an eye on the pet. Kids are usually delighted with this kind of responsibility.

Two boys sitting on the grass, reading a book outdoors

Keep children occupied on moving day by using their natural creativity and curiosity.

If nothing else works…

These five suggestions should keep the kids out of your hair for a while. If you still have your doubts, you should ask someone to take the kids for the day (a relative, neighbor, nanny or any other adult you trust).

Make sure to:

  • Leave your contact numbers and always be available;
  • Bring books/toys to keep kids busy while you’re moving;
  • Bring your kids’ lunch;
  • Leave some money for emergencies;
  • Reward the person who’s watching them.

You need to arrange this on time because dropping everything to take care of someone’s children is not always possible, no matter how much we love them. Finding help becomes even harder when you need to handle a short notice move, however, with proper compensation, it can be achieved.

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