A complete guide for moving to Chandler AZ

So, you have decided to move to Chandler Arizona. A lot of people, cannot be sure if you are one of those people, on the mention of the name Chandler do not think necessary to the city Chandler. Usually, people think of Chandler from the worlds famous TV show called “Friends”. However, here you won’t find info about that TV show but you will find all the necessary information about the city Chandler. Moving to Chandler AZ is a good choice and here you will find out why and how to be prepared. And you can always ask and get help from commercial movers.

Moving to Chandler AZ would mean that you like the hot weather

Beautiful Arizona at night

What should you know when moving to Chandler AZ

If you are moving locally in Arizona you must already know some facts about this state. However, wherever you decide to move there is information that you should gather about that place.

  • Culture
  • Are there any good schools?
  • Crime rate
  • Nightlife
  • Food and restaurants

And so many more things that you should be informed about. Here, we will cover some of those things. First, we will mention culture in Chandler. Chandler is a place with a lot of cultural spirit. They have an orchestra and you can even have a date night by taking your better half to a dinner and a ballet.

Arizona at night

  Arizona has beautiful night scenery

That is right, you can enjoy some ballet in the awesome town Chandler. When it comes to schools, you will be happy to know that there are schools for you to choose for your children. In case that you are planning to move there with your family, which would be a good decision. On the other hand, if you are single, Chandler can still be the right choice for you. Because even though it is a family-friendly place to live, chances are that you will find your significant other in this city.

Is it a safe place to live in?

As in any other place in the whole wide world, no place is one hundred percent safe. However, moving to Chandler AZ can be a good decision if the main thing you are thinking about is, in fact, the crime rate. Chandler is one of the safest cities in the state of Arizona. However, we cannot mention enough that nowhere can be completely safe, but Chandler is always working to reduce the crime rate. When it comes to nightlife in Chandler, you won’t be disappointed. Even though Chandler is considered a very calm town to live in, it has a very nice and exciting nightlife. So, when it comes all together, you can say that Chandler is, in fact, a safe place with an ok nightlife.

Food, food, food

You must be wondering about the restaurants and other food places in Chandler. The good news is that in Chandler AZ food will probably be the most delicious food you have ever tried. The secret is that they have preserved the cooking skills from their grammas and great grandmothers. So, people who live in Chandler and own restaurants and diners are definitely making the most delicious homemade meals. And the chances are that if you are just visiting Chandler and you go and grab something to eat you will want to stay there forever, and no one who dinned in Chandler at least one time will blame you.

Weather in Chandler AZ

When it comes to weather in Chandler, if you are thinking about moving to Chandler AZ  you must know that it can get pretty warm out there. When we say warm, we mean hot! Temperatures are raising as crazy especially in July and August but the rest of the year doesn’t get any cooler. Maybe in December, things are looking up, but overall Chandler is one hot city.

A van travelling through Arizona

It gets really warm in Chandler AZ

So, the point is – if you are moving to Chandler AZ you have to love the hot weather. If you are a fan of the winter and colder snowy days, this city is not for you. So, get your priorities straight before you move to Chandler, most people like the hot weather because they can soak up the sun, or go for a swim after a hard working day but if you are not that person then you should maybe keep looking, because Chandler no matter how great it is won’t make you happy.


Chandler AZ is one of the most pet friendliest places in the whole wide world. If you are moving to Chandler AZ with a dog or a cat or whatever other pet, he will enjoy it. And here is the best part, Chandler is throwing an annual festival for your dog. You heard it right! If someone appreciates the wonderful four-legged friends it is the town Chandler. The festival is celebrating your dog and gives them presents. Their favorite presents such as food, walkies, and even massages. Your dog will love it here. Chandler has great vet service that will help your pet no matter what time is it. This is definitely a place for all animal lovers out there.

Chandler AZ is definitely a great place to live in. People enjoy this little and hot city with all of its virtues and flaws. However, people who live there for some time will be very passionate when talking about their city and in their stories, you won’t hear about the flaws. And, when you think about it there aren’t any flaws to talk about whether you are from Chandler or not.  There are so many pros for starting a life in this city that you kinda forget about the cons. Moving to Chandler AZ is a such a good thing to do and you will get that as soon as you start your life in this city.

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