Characteristics of reputable commercial moving companies

A lot of things comes into our mind when we need to move and relocate all our belongings. Where to get supplies, how to pack, what kind of truck to rent? How to take care of kids and pets during the moving process? Either you want to relocate by yourself or hire a professional moving company, you certainly will have to think of plenty of things. Preparing for the move requires long and careful planning. But, we also ask ourselves who to hire, which moving company is the best? And also, we have to know how to avoid any moving scam. So, let’s see now what are the characteristics of reputable commercial moving companies!

How to recognize a good moving company

We all want to avoid the scam, and there are a lot of companies who are not professional. Some have bad and clumsy employees, cannot offer the proper size of the truck or we get the bill with some extra costs at the end. So, in order to avoid unprofessional movers, we need to do a lot of research.

Shorthand choices often lead to bad choices

Do your research beforehand so you can make the best choices

A good and professional moving company is completely the opposite of those who just want to scam us. You should certainly hire the best commercial movers in Arizona. So, let’s see now what are the characteristics of reputable commercial moving companies:

  • Experience
  • Office and a big pool of vehicles
  • Properly trained and devoted employees
  • Good customer service
  • Reliable customer reference
  • Estimate the costs
  • Licensed
  • Insurance
  • Storage place


If the company has a lot of experience, they will for sure be known. Years of experience in the moving industry is making the employees better, well trained and very good at their job. Experienced also means, fast and safe relocating without any kind of stress, because employees know what they are doing and there is no room for mistakes.

Office space and a big pool of vehicles

This is one of the most important characteristics of reputable commercial moving companies. In case you want to check who you are dealing with, you are always able to go to the moving companies office. If you don’t like to talk and ask things during the call, and you feel way better if you just go and visit the company at their office place, you can do it!

Fraudulent movers use their personal vehicles so beware of unmarked vehicles

Take notice if the vehicles are properly marked with the moving company logo

Also, you will notice that they can provide a lot of different sizes and types of vehicles. All vehicles will have the company logo on. This is another reason why you should trust them.

Properly trained and devoted employees

A professional moving company won’t ever let anything ruin their reputation. That’s why they have well trained and devoted employees who know their job good and will always give you good suggestions and tips on how to pack or move things properly.

Also, when they hire new workers, they will walk them through everything and train them well.

Good Customer Service and Reliable customer reference

Lovely and friendly employees will always have the answer to all your questions. No matter if you want to speak with them on the phone or personally, they will always come up with the best solution for your moving process. It’s very important to ask them about all the services and prices that you will certainly need.

When people get a good deal and experience with a moving company, they usually leave a comment on sites or blogs. If you find a lot of positive comments about some moving company, that means that you can actually trust them! 

Estimate the costs

One of the most important characteristics of reputable commercial moving companies is to estimate the costs. Employees will come to your place before the move to calculate and investigate everything. After examining, they will give you the real price, and you can be sure that there won’t be any bad surprises or hidden costs!

Licenses and Insurance

Reputable moving companies have all the necessary licenses, which are issued by the state. They are always happy to adorn their documentation with a list of licenses that they have. You can easily figure out if a company is reputable or not simply by checking whether they possess the necessary licenses or not.

Also, they can provide different insurance plans in case you don’t have one, or if you want to secure your belongings more. Some of the insurance plans cost a little bit more but every professional moving company will always provide basic insurance for your stuff.

Storage Place

In case you need to store some of your items, professional moving companies will always provide safe storage solutions in Arizona. If we don’t have a place to store our stuff for a few days, in case something happened and we can not move to a new location immediately, we will have to store our things into a storage place. Professional moving companies will always provide storage places or point you at some of the good storage facilities.

If you need your things safely stored, your moving company might be able to help you

Ask your moving company if they provide storage services too

There are several types of storage places, indoor and outdoor ones, drive-up, 24 hours etc. The size of the storage unit you will need depends on the items you want to store. Also, there are special types of storage places, such as climate controlled units. Some of our items require special care and has to be placed in the climate-controlled units. Hiring a professional moving company, you won’t have to think of storage either, they will certainly provide that service too.

And at the end, when you know what are the characteristics of reputable commercial moving companies, we are sure you will make a right choice and find one that suits you the most!

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