Custom Art Crating

Custom Crating in Tucson is a diamond in the rough, and we happen to shine like no other in this category.

It beguiles us that custom crating is not a staple of EVERY Tucson moving company, but the sad truth is that it takes a highly qualified individual to facilitate this type of craftsmanship. The chain companies won’t do it because they already have too much overhead to budget the several thousand dollars per location of tools and machines needed to build these things. We have one location. We keep our operations local so that we can embellish our resources and focus on providing you with a robust repertoire of services.

A crate is a crate is a crate. It’s a simple tool with profound implications. It takes the insurance carrier’s usual stance of no coverage to full coverage. It takes the mover’s task from complicated issue to grab and go. And it gives us all peace of mind.

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Different types of Custom Crates we offer:

Custom Wall Art Crate

Cubicle Sculpture Crate

Reinforced Stone Slab Crate

Flat Screen TV Crate

As far as pricing goes – they’re cheaper than you might think. We out-compete local dedicated crating operations in price because it’s not our only source of income. In fact, our primary purpose for crating is to gain insurance coverage, which is a huge selling point for our moving services. So, we price our crating service at slightly above cost. All crating quotes require a free On-Site Evaluation (OSE)

Why put your investment at risk? Call us and tell your concerns. Protecting stuff is what we do best.

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