How to Declutter Your Home Before Moving

Declutter your home before it gets out of control. That is the basic guideline, that we are going to present you with. Do not worry, though, because everyone possesses a little junk lying around. And that is OK. Due to work responsibilities or simply being a bit lazy. Regardless of how much stuff we have, we can all benefit from decluttering our lives and homes every once in a while, as that can only be beneficial.

Fun fact for today, people tend to feel like life is out of control when they surround themselves with more things that they can manage. And the key factor here is that mess causes stress. So in a manner of speaking, by not taking care of your clutter, you are not taking care of yourself. And before we take on this guideline article further, let’s reflect on how amazing it is that even the smallest spaces can collect the most stuff. Therefore, with that in mind, let us descent further.  

Declutter your home, declutter your life:  

For most of us, clutter can take our energy on daily basis. Or you can waste too much of your we are sure valuable time looking for things you cant find. In most extreme cases. People may suffer from obesity or depression when life consumption extends beyond ‘stuff’. Take this into consideration as well. A house full of clutter can cause fire hazards and much more health complications. Some can be mold and dust. In case you are decluttering because of your move, we have some suggestions for you. We strongly recommend Florence movers. Or any other movers in your area for that matter. There is no one like professionals to help you handle your move.

So the best way to tackle this is in stages. Focus on each room you have, one space or even one zone within a room. Start with your kitchen cabinets, for example. Complete the job fully before moving on to the next.  Build confidence as you see success with each step – that’s the idea.  

order and chaos sign

Bring order to your home, declutter your home and bring a breath of fresh air!

 Declutter your home with a plan: 

Planning is the key. Make a plan, and stick to it. No matter how big your home is or how much clutter you have though. Starting with goals set prior to the task, you reduce frustration as you go. Keep in mind a few tips that we are going to discuss now. Write down or make a map of all the rooms and so-called clutter hot spots. You need to tackle these spots first. Be objective and give a grade based on the severity of the clutter. This can help you prioritize.

Now the most important thing to do and to keep you on track is to set the completion date. If you need help maybe we have some recommendation to help you. For example, if you turn to Benson Movers, they might be able to help you be on top of your tasks as well as follow all the due dates.  Now in addition to completion dates consider planning for specific areas. Areas that you expect to take a much longer time to declutter. Spaces like a basement or a garage. 

declutter your home and messy room

Decluttering your closet is one of the highest priorities!

Priority number one: Bedroom

Declutter your home starting with the bedroom. Get that out of the way first. Number one thing, make your bed. It is hard to feel any progress decluttering a bedroom while an unmade bed looks back at you. That’s a small victory and confidence booster. Make a putaway bin.  And start with your nightstands and remove anything that does not belong there. Some items that can be put away are books you finished, broken eyeglasses, pens and paper, and mail.

Throw out or recycle anything that you no longer use, like tissue boxes, pens that are dry, chargers that no longer work and stuff like that. Do the same with tops and your dressers, chests. Anything that needs folding or hanging goes into Put away bin. In case you fear that it may wrinkle you can lay clothes down on your bed.  

an unmade bed

Start your decluttering process by making your bed!

Tackle your biggest declutter threat:  

Its time to declutter your clothes and closet. Start with a big deep breath, this is probably your biggest issue. The easy way out here is to first declutter your clothing by type. It is certainly easier to decide to toss or keep a pair of jeans when looking at your entire jeans collection at once. That is the thought that is a guideline to stick to here. Pull out different types of clothing and decide what you toss and what you keep.

In the end, you can see four piles of clothing and moreover four piles to deal with. First things first, put away anything that is simply in the wrong spot. For instance, you can put your socks from your closet to your dresser.   

Declutter your home and your hardest room: 

The living room is one of the most difficult to declutter. Moreover, it is the most difficult to keep neat on daily basis. That is simply because it is used the most, plus the living room does not offer a lot of storage space. Possibly some bookcases and a TV. Key here is to, decide on permanent storage spaces for commonly used items. The biggest piece of advice, keep the living room neat and declutter it often. Always start with bookcases, console, and side tables. Furthermore, onto the coffee table and possible entertainment systems. Put away books, return remote controls to their proper place, fold blankets. Furthermore, remove everything that is not connected to your television or home theater system.  These are just a few tips to put you into the right set of mind.  

a living room

The living room will provide the most difficult challenge for decluttering.

As experienced Tucson movers, we urge you to take all this into consideration as we are sure that it will help you. This will surely make sure that your declutter goes as smooth as possible. We are aware that this is highly stressful as you deal with many other things in your daily life. But trust us on the fact that your home will have a breath of fresh air, and be dust and mold free. So start on time, and stick to your schedule. 

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