How to file a moving insurance claim?

Moving insurance claim is something you should be very aware of. To perform relocation is a task on its own. Packing services Tucson AZ and transportation ones are more specific tasks. But, what to do when there’s a problem? How to proceed if some of your items are damaged or lost in the transport? That’s a totally new task and you have to know the procedure. You also have to be familiar with the liability coverage. Did you take pictures of the damaged items? For these and many more questions you have to have an answer. Keep reading and find more about the moving inventory list.

Things you need to know before moving insurance claim

So, before starting anything, you need to know how to prepare for the movers. Whether before or after the relocation takes place, you need to understand how the system works. The most important element when filing a moving insurance claim is your contract. Meaning, what kind of moving insurance you already chose? Since everything in regards to the claim will be as per contract. So, be careful what you sign and ask everything you don’t understand. You cannot ask for something different or extra than what is agreed on in the contract. That includes the moving insurance, the inventory list and all the documents with your signature on. So, before signing, prepare your camera and your pencil, you’re going to need it.

What else do you need for moving insurance claim?

Moving insurance claim should contain moving inventory list.

Create a moving inventory list is the first thing you do. You need to enlist everything that you plan to move. That will be necessary for your movers in order to transport your belongings. Of course, moving insurance claim cannot exist without this. So, write everything down. If you have some valuable items, take a picture of them in order to ensure that everything is ok with the items.

Pay attention to the boxes and packing as well. If you decide to do the packing yourself, the company can always explain that they did not pack the items, but you, making it your responsibility. If by any chance you have some hazardous or dangerous items, you need to inform your moving company. That can cause problems if you want to file a claim.  What the options are for the moving insurance?

The steps of filing moving insurance claim

To properly file a moving insurance claim, you have to understand the psychology of moving. That means to always be one step ahead. Preparation is everything when you want to move. It is not only necessary to take pictures of your items but to have evidence of its values as well. So, in a case where you need to confirm the value of your items, you will have what you need. The chances where you cannot find the receipts of your items are high. Check if you paid maybe with your credit cards since that’s traceable. If you are lucky, you may even find those receipts. Pictures before the packing, picture after the move (meaning, the damage), what else you need to mark? Inventory list and proof of items value are required for the moving insurance papers.

Avoid the paper problems

Prepare all documents on time

If you’re not sure what are the documents you need, contact the moving company. Explain that you would like to raise a claim and that you want to know the procedure. Some companies may have a different procedure and some can offer you a different way of a solution. If, of course, you are not satisfied, you can consult the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. More information will be displayed there. Be sure that you fully understand the liability that you agreed on with your moving company.

There are two options: full protection one and for a released liability for 60 cents per pound and per article. So, check your contract and see what you are working with. If you chose the full protection plan then you can have the maximum value back. Of course, do it in a timely manner.

The time frame to file a moving insurance claim

You have 9 months to file a claim after the relocation takes place. It would be best to check if everything is ok with the items after the move itself. Why? Because at the end of it, the moving company will ask you to sign the papers that all items are delivered. If you do it before checking the items, then the blame is on you. The moving company will always say that you confirmed that everything is ok with your belongings. If you realize afterward that something is wrong, you have 9 months to file a claim. The sooner you start the better. Pay attention to those extra fees apply boxes. You should know how to avoid hidden moving costs and you will have more chances to minimize the damage. Once you file the claim, the moving company has 30 days to respond to your claim.

Do you have everything you need?

Better safe than sorry.

There’s one more thing missing in order to file a moving insurance claim. That is patience. You are going to need a lot of patience when dealing with a claim. Most likely, you will have to consult Better Business Bureau as well. So, have the inventory list ready, receipts for the items, the pictures also. Check what the liability is. Contact the company and they will also advise you on the following steps. That is why it is important to choose a reliable company. Someone who understands your needs and will help you best.

Consult our Green Valley movers and rest assured that no problems will arise. Your moving should an enjoyable experience. Don’t make it otherwise and don’t stress too much. It certainly won’t help you.

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