How to find the best moving rates

Moving from one place to another is a delicate process that has the best outcome if it’s done by moving experts. Don’t get us wrong, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to move by yourself. You can move without hiring moving professionals but it will be harder for you and it will also take a lot of your time. Therefore, with a reliable moving company by your side, every relocation becomes easy. However, keep in mind that almost every company has different prices and you will have to find the one with the best moving rates. If you’re wondering how to do that, just read our step-by-step guide and you’ll get your answers!

Ask for recommendations

The first step to finding an affordable but also reliable moving company is asking people in your surroundings about their recent relocation. Find out if they have moved with or without the help of a moving company. Ask about their moving experience and write down the names of companies that were able to suit all of their needs. If you want, you can even write down the names of moving companies that did not prove to be satisfactory. This way you’ll know which moving company you should avoid when moving to Mesa. Remember to ask everyone – your family members, friends, and colleagues. Every opinion matters!

Three women taking.

Meet with your best friends and ask them if they can recommend any moving company.

Do some research on moving companies near you

Even though you’ve got recommendations for a specific mover from the people you love, you’ll have to check them online before hiring them. Therefore, grab your laptop and start your research! Here’s what you’ll have to check in order to find a good moving company with the best moving rates:

  • Company’s info – check all of their addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Website and profile on social media – you can tell a lot about one company just by looking at their presence on the internet.
  • Online reviews and ratings – the easiest way of gathering precious pieces of information when looking for a company with the best moving rates.
  • USDOT number – this way you’ll know whether a company has a license or not.

After checking all of these pieces of information, you’ll get an idea on which companies are good and reliable. This is very important because sometimes bad companies will offer you the lowest moving rates and you don’t want to put your relocation in the hands of amateurs. So, first you find good movers, then you find the one that’s most affordable.

Schedule a face-to-face meeting to find the best moving rates

This is the last thing you’ll have to do in order to be sure that you’re dealing with moving professionals. You might think this has nothing to do with moving rates, but you’re wrong. As we have already told you – if you hire a moving company just because it’s affordable, you could put your whole relocation in jeopardize. Therefore, after you check one moving company, schedule a face-to-face meeting.

A face-to-face meeting will tell you all about the moving company and its representatives. Good movers are both friendly and professional, so their representative has to have these qualities, too. Pay attention to the way they talk to you and behave. Ask for an on-site moving estimate and see whether they’ll do it thoroughly. This is also your chance to inform yourself about moving services Tucson they can provide you with.

Man and a woman talking.

A face-to-face meeting is necessary if you want to find both cheap and reliable movers.

Recognize scammers

As you already know, the risks of hiring uncertified moving companies are numerous. You’ll want to avoid them all in order to have a safe relocation. Think about moving scams when you see an unusually low moving rate. If one rate is much lower than the rates from other moving companies, you should be careful. It would be best for you to avoid these companies even though they have the lowest moving rate. The best rate is the one that fits your budget and the one that’s offered from a reliable mover.

Compare moving quotes to find the best moving rates

Try to find at least two to three moving companies that you find reliable. Get moving quotes from all of them and start with the comparison. And don’t worry about the expenses because you can get a free moving estimate! After comparing you’ll know which moving rate suits your budget most. However, keep in mind that there are two types of moving estimates:

  • A binding estimate – is a fixed price you’ll have to pay for your relocation. This moving estimate includes the price of all the moving services you asked for. Even if your move ends up costing less, you’ll have to pay the amount that was estimated.
  • A non-binding estimate – is a rough idea of how much you’ll have to pay for your relocation. Keep in mind that your move might be cheaper than the estimate, but you might also need to pay more than you’ve planned to.
Man searching for best moving rates online.

You can get a moving estimate without leaving your home.

How to minimize your moving expenses?

Even after you find a moving rate that works best for you, think about minimizing your moving expenses. You can achieve this just by following some simple tips. For example, it is very important to declutter before the relocation. This way you’ll get rid of your unwanted items and you won’t have to pay for transporting them to your new home. Next, learn how to pack for the move and avoid packing services. Also, if you don’t have to move as soon as possible, plan to do it during the part of the year that’s not a busy season. It’s cheaper to move during winter, at the end of months, and during working days.

By following all of these steps you’ll get a move at a cost-efficient price! Remember and follow them whenever you need to relocate. And last but not least, start planning how you’ll spend the money you saved with the help of your reliable and affordable movers!

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