How to move a hot tub?

Not sure how to move a hot tub? Whether you are moving a hot tub to a new home or simply transferring it to another place in the yard, one thing is certain: it will not be easy. The good news is that, with proper planning and the right equipment, it can be done.

Hot tub in the backyard

And we will tell you how

If you can afford the help of professional Oro Valley movers, we certainly recommend you to book them. However, if hiring relocation specialists doesn’t fit in your budget, it is quite possible to move a heavy whirlpool with the help of a few strong friends. Follow these 10 simple steps to successfully move a hot tub, and you will be on your way to enjoying a relaxing break in the new backyard.

10 steps how to move a hot tub

Get all the moving supplies

The first step to successfully moving a hot tub without professionals is to collect all the necessary moving tools and consumables. Your list should include moving belts, two furniture carts, several large pieces of plywood and detergents. You can find a moving cart at your local Home Depot. A home goods store offers rental carts that can hold up to 800 pounds.

Book your moving truck

Before moving the hot tub, make sure you have rented a moving truck large enough to hold a jacuzzi. Depending on the size of your hot tub, you may need to rent a van no less than 15 feet long. Be sure to measure the hot tub before renting a truck to make sure it fits in. A rental car must also have a loading ramp to make the move smoother. Fortunately, there are a lot of truck rental companies that you can choose from when moving the hot tub. You should also consider renting a public storage in Tucson, in case you need it.

Check your surroundings

Is your hot tub surrounded by landscape design or is it in a hard-to-reach place? Will you have to take it down the stairs or is it already at ground level? These are the questions you should ask yourself when assessing your jacuzzi environment. If moving the hot tub can interfere with or damage the landscape design of the yard, you need to come up with a moving plan to solve this problem.

Turn off the jacuzzi

Continue and unplug the spa from the electrical outlet before draining the spa. Make sure all cords are removed so that nothing is dangling in the jacuzzi. If possible, place cords in waterproof bags so that they do not get wet while moving.

Drain the hot tub

If you think that draining water from your hot bath is as simple as pouring water, think again. Unfortunately, this method can flood and damage your yard. To properly drain the water from the hot tub, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Most likely, you will need a pump or garden hose to drain the water. The best place for pumping water is, most likely, near the street gutter. After draining the hot tub, wash it before moving.

Sponges and a cloth

For this, we recommend wiping it with a universal cleaner

Find help when moving a hot tub

There is no doubt about this: moving a jacuzzi requires serious effort. This means that you will need at least three more people to help with the move. If you can, we recommend recruiting up to six people to help with weight lifting. Ask friends and family as early as possible. If you cannot find free help, you will need to hire movers only for labor. Whatever you do, do not try to move the whirlpool yourself. An outdoor spa is simply too heavy for anyone to move it alone. Getting help is a perfect way to avoid injuries while moving.

Plan your route

So how do you plan to move a hot tub? It is likely that the old and the new courtyard will have at least a few obstacles to moving the jacuzzi. Whether it is a small opening of the gate, a landing or a narrow path, you must come up with a plan for how to get past these stumbling blocks. You also need to figure out exactly how you plan to move a hot tub. Will you hold it in the back of the house or on the facade? Plan ahead so you know where the moving truck should be located on the day of the move.

Place the pieces of plywood under the jacuzzi

Placing the plywood under the whirlpool will help create a smooth flat surface to move the whirlpool. It will also make it easier to ride the furniture carts under the spa. To raise a hot tub on the wood, you will need at least three assistants raising each corner a few inches from the ground.

Slide the furniture carts under the jacuzzi

Assuming that the path to the moving truck is smooth, you do not have to turn the jacuzzi on its side to move it. However, if the path is narrow, you need to gently turn the jacuzzi on its side with the help of a few friends. Once your spa is ready to go, put the carriage under the front and rear ends of the spa. Your hot tub should sit firmly on two carts. To prevent the whirlpool bath from falling, secure the jacuzzi on the trolley using moving belts. Your friends should hold onto the whirlpool on all sides. That means one helper in the back, one in the front and one on each side of the jacuzzi.

Roll the jacuzzi to the loading ramp and load it into the truck

Once your hot tub is mounted on carts, gently roll it in the direction of the rental truck. You may need more than four people to help lift it onto the loading ramp of the truck. After that, make sure that at least one assistant gets into the truck to make sure that the hot tub is firmly fixed. Remember to leave your carts in place so that you can easily unload and flip the hot tub to a new place as soon as you reach your destination. In addition, be sure to fix the hot tub on the sides of the truck.

Fixing belt for moving a hot tub

This will prevent displacements when moving a hot tub

Prefer to hire professional movers?

It is not an easy task to move a hot tub. If you decide to hire professionals for this job (and we do not blame you), you can hire Moving Buddies Tucson AZ. By choosing us, you can be sure that your hot tub will be in safe hands during the moving process.

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