How to prepare for the movers

So, it’s here – high time to relocate. Congratulations on the first step, the most important one of them all. Now, don’t get stressed, there are so, so, so, many steps in order to perform the actual relocation. For starters, you need to find reliable movers in your area. Make an appointment with the manager and discuss the conditions. If your new destination is in Arizona, check the best local movers Tucson AZ offers. Then the packing part, the labeling one and many more phases of moving. Yet, do you know how to prepare for the movers? It doesn’t matter if you chose them or not. There’s a lot you can do to help them and yourself.

What’s your plan to prepare for the movers?

Start with creating a plan. A well-thought organization is something you must have by your side. Visualize your goal and think about the steps of reaching it. That will put the troubles away and most of the problems. If you still didn’t choose the moving company, consult the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. That will help you make a decision. See the reviews and gather as much as information as you can. On the other hand, if you already chose the moving company, you need to continue to step two. A detailed plan is necessary not only for you but for your family, your pet. All the particles of relocation should be there. That painting should be taken from the wall, pictures packed and what about the rest of the house?

Complete the to-do list and prepare for the movers

What would be the most urgent task?

Create a moving inventory list before the movers arrive. In order to do that, you have to start a couple of weeks in advance. You will have a lot of tasks to complete, so do one by one. Never do all at once since you will end up with more work and even more stress. Set your goal for that certain week and get to work. Buy the things that will help you prepare for the movers. This includes enough boxes, markers, gun tape, and sealable bags. Have the moving blankets and foam paddings to protect the floor and the furniture. Don’t forget to put the label or color-codes on the boxes. Of course, before that, you must measure the furniture and the rooms in the house to prevent any damage. After all, you do plan to sell the house later on.

What else can you do to prepare for the movers?

So, the inventory list is there. Be sure to have everything listed, your children favorite toys, pets necessities etc. Since you will be starting well in advance, you will have the time to do this. You should create special excel sheets for each and every member of the family. One must be aware of the things professional movers will not move. Be sure that you understand every part of the contract with the representative of the moving company. Get your questions ready and ask for advice. Don’t wait for the last minute to realize that you didn’t agree on the parking spot for the moving truck. It can be necessary to take the spot in advance and secure it while loading the truck. Clean your garage and sort the stuff out.

Ask for everything you don’t understand

Discuss the insurance policy

Have a special plan for your kids and pets. The chances are they will cause a distraction on a moving day. So, ask your family or friends to watch out for them for that day or two. You don’t want to have even more drama on that day. Make sure that your pet always has enough water and clean its home. Don’t forget to check the weather on that day. If it’s going to rain, put old rugs to protect the floor of damage, not to mention dirt. Use foam pads to protect the doors and start measuring the furniture. It is great if you can do something before and prepare for the movers. You mover should advise you on what to pack last on moving day. Take everything off the wall and label it.

Additional advice on how to prepare for the movers

You already know that you should label everything and maybe put color-codes. Pay attention to electronic outlets. Sort them out in specific bags, you can write down the serial numbers and the room on the box. Keep your pet away from this sort of appliances, you know what can happen. A very special place goes for the fridge. To your best to eat all the food that is there, so you don’t need to throw away the food. Once that is done, you can clean it and unplug. The same goes for other batteries. Arizona can be a chilly place, so pack your moving clothes and one extra just in case. You don’t know what can happen. If you have a lot of things to sort out, think about decluttering.

Sort out the pile of stuff and stay organized

To de-clutter is the best way to prepare for the movers.

There are many reasons why decluttering is good for your health. Not only you can sort out the things you need for the relocation, you can start from the scratch. Clear out with the past and create a place for new things to happen. Organize yard sales or even donate the belongings you no longer need. You can help someone in trouble. All of the above are the best ways to prepare for the movers.

After the relocation, you may reconsider safe storage solutions in Arizona. There’s a lot more to do after the moving. So, plan your couple of months in advance. Enjoy the journey and take a lot of pictures!

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