How to prepare your car for the move

It doesn’t matter if you use your car or rent-a-car to move or to follow the movers on the road, you need to make sure that car works. One of the things that you don’t want to overlook in preparation for the move is the transport itself. And what people usually overlook is often trivial but has an enormous impact on safety and reliability of your car. You should always prepare your car for the move on time, but sometimes we just don’t have the time or we are in a rush. If that’s the case you’re in now, I can help you with a few tips to get ready.

Do a quick visual check of your car

Walk around your car and give it a look to see it the bodywork is in a safe condition. Take a look to see if the car is sitting square on the road.  If it’s crooked it may be that tires are different or at different pressures.  Check the threads and wear to see if they look even on all tires. You need to make sure if all the brake lights and stop lights work. Same with the horn. Examine the wipers and level of wiper fluid. Make sure that mirrors are clean and well adjusted. Start your car and check the level of gas in your tank. This is one of the easiest checks, yet quite often it goes overlooked.

man fixing a car

Take a look at it from all sides.

If you are using a rent-a-car for the move

In case you rented a car there are some extra steps that you should pay your attention to. In case that you are unfamiliar with the vehicle you are going to use during the move, better familiarize yourself with it. If you detect any issues make a list of them and take pictures if possible. Check the level of the gas in the tank, as you might have to return the car with the same level of gas in it.

Fix all major issues on the car before the move

You shouldn’t be using a faulty car, let alone using it for the move. In case you noticed any major issues with the car you should first go to the service shop. If the car has issues with brakes, steering or gears it’s imperative that they should get that fixed before. While your car is under heavy load it acts differently on the road, so for the safety of the driver and of the transport its important for the car to be safe. This is essential if you want to prepare your car for the move.

car parts

Take a look at all car controls. It might mean life or death.

State’s traffic regulations

Check the expiry date on registration and licenses to make sure you are able to drive according to traffic regulations. Consult road regulations regarding the transport of big loads. You need to check if items you are moving are exceeding the limits of the vehicle. If that’s the case, you should properly mark the items to be seen more easily by other drivers, using a red cloth or cat’s eye. If you are looking at long-distance moving AZ, you might want to consider contacting our professionals for assistance.

Organize your items in boxes before you prepare your car for the move

You can move items easier when they are neatly organized. One of the good ways to do it is to stack them in clearly marked boxes. When you are labeling boxes don’t forget to mark boxes which have breakable items in them. Put a label that designates boxes’ top and bottom.  Wrap breakable items to protect them before you put them in the boxes. This will stop shards from going everywhere in case something brakes.

Parking and loading

Find a parking spot closest to the area you will be loading and unloading your items in. Make sure that the parking spot is available to use, or if it requires a special permit. Find out if you need to pay for the parking and how to do it promptly so you avoid paying a parking ticket. All of these things are rather easy to do, but if you fail to do them in time they could end up causing a nightmare for you and your wallet. So do your work ahead of time, you will be very happy that you did. This is key if you wish to properly prepare your car for the move. Also, feel free to rely on our packing services in Arizona if need be.

Protect your car from getting damaged and dirty

Depending on what you will be moving in your car you might have to protect your car from damages or dirt. Keep in mind that the car can get scratched when loading big items in it. To protect it from scratches wrap blankets around the items so they avoid direct contact with your car interior. If what you are putting in your car is dusty or dirty use old sheets or plastic as covers for your car.

driving through the snow

Especially if you’re driving in snow…

You saw how to prepare your car for the move and now let the professionals handle it

An important part of preparation is also to know where can you find help when you need it. Consider that by not using your car you are lowering the wear and tear on it. Also, costly services on your car can be postponed until a further date. Using the help of professionals may come to look at a cost to you, but consider that it might be saving you money. Additionally, you get help loading and unloading which can be of tremendous help to you.

At Tucson Elite Movers we have moving experts to help you move quickly. If you’re in a hurry, give them a phone call and they will give you the moving experience to remember.

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