How to Reuse Your Old Moving Boxes

Finally, a long-awaited and carefully planned moving date is upon you. Everything went out smoothly and you are slowly settling down in your new home. Familiar belongings close to heart, are popping all over the place. Everyone is excited and looking forward to a new start. But as you unpack you realize that pile of boxes and packing materials is bigger by the minute. You ask yourself, what to do with all this garbage? Or even better, how to reuse your old moving boxes? Luckily, there are many ways to repurpose your moving boxes. It would be such a shame that something you paid for and invested your time to obtain, goes to waste. Therefore, we bring you some of the clever and useful ways to yet again, make a positive outcome. Let’s check it out.


If you are still in a process of making a moving plan, consider hiring a reliable moving company. One of the greatest is our team of movers Green Valley AZ. One of the best in the moving business. They can provide moving boxes and packing materials if need be. Depends on the size of your move, you will end up with up to fifty boxes at your hands. There are also that many ways to make use of them. Breathe life into your boxes by finding a way for them to be useful again. Let us cover a few methods on how to give your cardboard boxes a second chance.


First and the easiest way is to stash your boxes for later use. If you have a garage, attic or even better, a storage unit, you’ll have space. Keep your boxes for some other day when you’ll need them again. Maybe you will find a better life opportunity and move again in near future. Or someone close to you will have a similar experience and will be in a need of moving boxes. You can reuse your old moving boxes one by one when you are in need.

A Christmas decoration

Reuse your old moving boxes for packing Christmas decorations

For example, some of them you can label and use to stash your seasonal items like Christmas decorations. You can use them in your garage to store tools and materials. Or flatten the cardboard and use as protection while changing oil or fixing your car. You can use them in your garden, to protect your knees while tending to your beautiful flowers. Each week you will use one of the boxes in some way, and eventually, they will be off your hands.


There are many sizes of cardboard boxes, some of them are huge enough to make some fun and entertaining projects. One of the bigger boxes can be turned into a fort, so your little ones can have a blast. Or maybe a dollhouse for your precious princess. You can even make a whole amusement park if a yard is big enough, so the whole family can join the fun. If you have pets, do not forget to include them as well. Your dog will be forever grateful if he has something to chew on or sleep in. And your cat is always in a mood to scratch something other than your couch.

A cat in a moving box

Cats consider that old boxes can be the perfect place to have a nap

Reuse your old moving boxes by making a sled to run down a snowy hill. Or make toys, decorations or book covers. Possibilities are endless. Cardboards are everywhere while you are moving. Some of the examples can be used as a distraction for kids on a moving day. Keep that in mind when you are making a moving plan.


In case you booked a full service moving company, there are no boxes on your hands. Moving companies provide packing services where they take away boxes and packing materials once the move is completed. Check out the cost of Tucson movers and services they provide and see whether the full-service move is something you can afford.

If you are an artistic soul, there are countless ways to make something out of the ordinary box. You can make covers or wallpapers for tables and walls. Or you can make various objects, jewelry and all sorts of decorative items. You can reuse your old moving boxes and even make a profit. For instance, with a bit of can spray and an artistic touch, you can make decorative boxes. These kinds of boxes can be used as decorative furniture or used as gifts. Use them while holding your yard sale and place your merchandise inside. Even sell your creation online or at a local market. Also, your creation can be donated to schools for art classes.

Reuse your old moving boxes for making cardboard toys for your kids

Make cardboard toys from old moving boxes


In case you are not bothered and want to get rid of your moving boxes quickly, there is a solution. Just do a shout out online that you are giving boxes away. Or call few friends and ask if they can make use of them and gift your boxes away. Perhaps one of your neighbors is in need of boxes for personal use or upcoming moving day. You can sell them as well. Make a few flyers and pass them around stating that you are selling a decent number of boxes for a good price. Or just donate to a local school or shelter. They are always in need and they have a great use for boxes. And finally, you can drop them off at the nearest recycling center. There are many satisfying ways to dispose or reuse your old moving boxes. Just pick one and enjoy.

These were few of the ideas to make a moving day fun. And few on how to reuse your old moving boxes once you are settled in. But you can always use your imagination and make a unique way to handle the situation. Use your old moving boxes the way you see fit. We hope we expanded the horizons and provided a few ideas you’ll find inspiring. Good luck and have fun.

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