Is Gilbert AZ a perfect place for your new home?

Are you moving to Gilbert AZ? If so this might be the perfect article for you. We will discuss many things you need to know before you embark on this journey. Gilbert AZ is a lovely place where many never regret moving to. Even if this is a cross-country move to Arizona, it is something totally worth it! So what do you need to know? 

Moving to Gilbert AZ is a glorious idea because the place is full of wonder.

The place is gorgeous and meets all your desires!

First of all, Gilbert AZ is located in the Maricopa County. With the population of just a little over 230 thousand, it takes pride in a very large span of ethnic diversity. Also, the approximate average income in Gilbert is about 85 thousand US Dollars and the average home value spans a little shy of 250 thousand. This alone speaks volumes about the affordability of Gilbert. So, moving to Gilbert AZ might not be such a bad move after all!

Moving to Gilbert AZ – Things to do

When it comes to Gilbert AZ, it might sound a tad dull. And the place is not all that famous, we can all agree on that. However, this does not make the place as it sounds! Gilbert offers plenty of things to do, and stuff you should not miss!

First off, there are local special events that last all year round. Most of these events are the ones you really should not miss out on. Some of the events include various cook-offs and car shows, where you get to show off your skills, rides, or just enjoy somebody else’s work!

Furthermore, there are numerous art and learning events that you should not miss out on! Take your time and explore as much as you can, since you will love the countless events and active area parks that can provide with fun afternoons for you, your friends and your family!

So give those packing services Arizona a call, and let’s get this show on the road!

Gilbert AZ – Real Estate

So, are you definitely moving to Gilbert AZ? You wish to do so, but you are uncertain if you can afford the housing costs? Do not worry, we have you covered. There are certain things you can do in order to afford a home in this gorgeous place. The median price being a little short of 250 thousand does not mean you have to buy a home. There is an option where you can rent a single bedroom apartment and go for as much as $1100 monthly! This seems far more affordable, doesn’t it?

Calculate your income and compare with the median cost of living and you will know what your capabilities are.

Speaking of money…

While we are on the subject of money, let’s see how easy or hard it is to find a job in Gilbert. Basically, if you are moving to Gilbert AZ, you will most likely need to find a job as well.

Well, you are in luck. Gilbert is a great place to live in, but it is also a great place to work in! Thriving economy helps out with the tax base, meaning that there is more money allocated to city improvements. This helps the city attract talent, and more importantly, offer the talent a chance to stay.


You will have no problem finding the desk job of your dreams.

Job opportunities are vast!

Employment opportunities are vast in Gilbert. The unemployment rate in Gilbert is astronomically low! Four percent. Yes, you heard us right, only 4 percent of the population is unemployed. This means that the local economy is incredibly healthy and fosters countless opportunities for all who wish to partake.

The highest percentages of current jobs reside in three sectors:

  • 23 percent goes to educational services and health care
  • 12 percent goes to professional, scientific and management services
  • and 11 percent goes to manufacturing

There is plenty more to go around with, but these are the three leading ones.


The numbers are high. The percentage of those who graduate from college is a whopping 42 percent, while 14 percent completed a postgraduate degree program. Very impressive figures that show how big Gilbert is on education.

The schooling systems of Gilbert AZ are nothing short of amazing.

Schooling is nothing shy of amazing!

Check this number out. A total of 96 percent of the population is a high school graduate or higher. That means that almost everyone has at least a high school diploma. Crazy! If this is not a motivating factor to consider moving to Gilbert AZ, I don’t know what is!


There are three elements healthcare should have, and the healthcare Gilbert AZ provides offers all three. The elements are access, affordability, and outcomes. Maricopa County scores a rank 1 in all three, meaning that they receive the highest mark they can get for these three elements!

However, healthy living goes beyond the above-mentioned elements. The health of a city takes into account the choices residents make in order to lower any personal risk of health. This is why we have extracted one very important statistic. Over 85% of the population of Gilbert does not smoke. Incredible, especially in this day and age. Additionally, over 80% of the population is involved in some sort of a physical activity and leisure sports. If these numbers don’t get you pumped, I’m not sure what will.


So, what does this come down to? Gilbert AZ is an amazing place, on countless accords. Moving to Gilbert AZ is anything but a mistake. It has a very high quality of life, financially and health-wise. It is a very entertaining place with countless activities to kill your free time with. The climate is excellent and the population is very health-conscious, giving you no excuses not to be.

All in all, pick up the phone, contact our moving services AZ and let’s get you to Gilbert! No need to wait any further!

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