Moving myths busted

If you have been planning your move for quite some time now, you must have heard plenty of moving myths. Usually, the myths in the moving industry, and in almost any other industry for that fact, are incorrect. However, there are some of those that are quite true. The problem is that that the people, just because one myth has been proven true tend to believe in the rest of them as well. Therefore, today we are going to take a look at the moving myths busted. Preparing for your move is the most significant and the most lasting process as well. Prepare well and you will move easily and efficiently. Fail to prepare well, believe in every myth out there and you may experience an uncomfortable move. So, bear with us and find out more on moving myths busted.

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Handpick your movers just like you would with your favorite books

The moving myths busted

There is no time nor reason to avoid getting to the bottom of the moving myths busted. Therefore, let’s get down to business right away. These are the top moving myths busted:

  • Handpicking your movers Benson AZ is not important – all are the same
  • A move is impossible to plan ahead
  • No need for quality packing materials, anything will suffice
  • No need to label my boxes, I know what I put where
  • I can take my time packing my items
  • All of my belongings need to come with me

All movers are the same

This is the first major mistake that people make. All movers and packers Tucson AZ are not the same! There are reliable moving companies operating on the market and then there are the other ones. It is your job to see the difference between these two groups. You should make sure to contact as many moving companies as possible. Ask them all the same questions. Then, draw your conclusions from their answers and choose the mover you like. Remember, not all movers are crooks!

It is impossible to plan a move ahead

So not true! In fact, it is right the opposite! Those people who take time and plan their local move AZ are the ones who get to enjoy their moves. In the case that you decide not to plan for your move, you should not expect anything good to come out of it. In fact, this moving myth busted was spread by exactly those people who did not plan their moves. Therefore, do not believe the false news. Take your moving faith into your own hands and plan well!

Quality packing materials are overrated

If this is what you really believe in, then you should count on losing your precious items in transport. Now, do not get us wrong. It’s not like they are going to get lost. They will remain in the truck, but they will suffer damage. If this is something that you are okay with, then use any kind of moving material. If you would like to receive all of your belongings safe and sound, then choose packing service Arizona that is going to deliver. Pack well and ensure the safety of your items.

Moving myths busted - quality packing is important

Ensure quality packing for your move

Labeling boxes is another thing that I do not need to do

Another one of the moving myths busted right here!

Sure, it may seem like you know your way around your belongings while you are packing them. However, once your moving boxes are moved away, hardly will you be able to remember which one holds what items. Therefore, in order to make sure to know where to look for something in particular, you should label your moving boxes. However, this is not the only thing that you should do.

Before you pack your items, make sure to make an inventory list. This list should contain all of your belongings. Obviously, it should include the items that are going to be packaged into boxes as well. Mark their box number next to them. This will be of immense helo ones you decide to unpack.

Moving myths busted – I can take time packing my items

The only thing that you are not going to have in the moving process is excess time.

Image of a clock

Time is not going to be on your side when preparing for a move

Moving is a lasting process that is not set in stone. This means that, as time is passing by, you will be taking care of multiple things at once. Surely there will be some unforeseen circumstances to take care of as well. Therefore, you should most definitely take time when packing. It is important to be as efficient as possible throughout the moving process.

I need to take all of my belongings with me

This is the last of the moving myths busted that we are going to be talking about today.

It is very much not true that you need to take all of your belongings with you when you are moving. In fact, we recommend decluttering and purging your home before the move. Make sure to get rid of all of the items that you have not been using in the past year. They may be clothes or other types of items. Still, if you found no purpose for them in the past year, what makes you certain that you should still hold onto them?

Moving myths busted – Conclusion

There are plenty of moving myths busted that we have not had enough time to talk about. However, to make sure that you are preparing for the move in the best way possible, listen to your common sense. After all, the moving process is all about the common sense. Think about whether a piece of information sounds logical or not. Follow your chain of thoughts and you will reach the right conclusion.

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