Office/Business Packing

Business Packing

Ahhh, yes. Office Packing…The Fabled Golden Dragon of Relocation Services.

Whoever talked corporate into budgeting for packing services deserves more than a lame coffee mug in the gift exchange this year.

The cold hard truth: we rarely provide this service. If it’s not a budget issue, then it’s a security clearance, or technical qualification issue. For example: it’s usually the IT department’s task to breakdown and redeploy computer networks; shred bins and industrial copiers are invariably moved by their leasing companies. That’s not to say that we wouldn’t do it. We’ve packed entire law offices, engineering firms, retail stores, etc. We are qualified and up to the task, if needed.

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We understand that when packing an office, warehouse, or business there are detailed instructions that need to be followed.

Every office or business is cataloged in some simple or complex way, and special attention needs to be given to preserve that order. Time frames need to be upheld; neighboring offices need to be respected. A special thing called liability needs to be addressed. We often recommend that commercial entities do their own packing simply because we’re here to do what’s right for that business.

If you are planning a relocation project for your company or firm, contact Moving Buddies first. We will be the measuring stick with which you can use to gauge other Tucson packing companies’ code of conduct.

Here’s a little secret for you and your staff:

The CEO of this company is also the Chief Evaluator and an Elite Tucson Moving & Packing Specialist who’s executed several thousand relocation operations of every size and type. He is also a person of integrity who will be the first to tell you if we are not the company for you.

As a friendly reminder: we have all the same licensing and insurance as all the big-name companies. Our advantage is that we are small enough to give you more value in terms of superior, and more personalized service with less overall cost.  We are not only the economical choice, we are the smart choice.

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