Organizing Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

Sometimes when we want to move to another place, we end up having too many items. All those things become such a burden that we simply do not know what to do with them! Well, here you can read up on how to organize a successful garage sale! This is a perfect example of how you can get rid of the unwanted clutter in your house. Personally, nothing beats the feeling of making a few bucks from selling them in the yard sale.  Garage sales are not that simple to organize! Which is why you should read our simple guide in the following article.

Successful garage sale needs time!

Like with everything in our lives, organizing a successful garage sale demands a bit of our time. First things first, you need to figure out what you do not need anymore. Then, once you are finished with it, see if you can repair something that needs repairs. Have in mind, this can raise the price of the item if you sell it in working condition. Also, you have to clean them up before even putting them on for sale. After a few days of doing these tasks, figure out the price you want for them. Be realistic! Garage sales sell only used items that are not that valuable. And be prepared to bargain with the potential buyers. Garage sales are the best way of dealing with unwanted items. Furthermore, they will help you more when you are moving from Benson.  This will prove to be a great idea when you look for Benson movers! You will not only pay less for your relocation but earn some money from the sale!

The best time to organize the garage sale is on the weekends around noon. That’s when people are heading out for a fresh walk or just to stroll around. Also, if your neighborhood organizes garage sales, try to join them with your items as well. This type of garage sales tends to attract a bunch of people!


A chair with a garage sale sign on as a part of a successful garage sale promotion

To organize a successful garage sale you need time

Get the permit!

Not so long ago, some cities issued a law, demanding that you need to get a permit to organize the yard sale. This is not something new. It’s only to protect the city and the people living in it from possible frauds and dealing with some illegal items. But, since you are going to organize a simple yard sale, you shouldn’t worry about this! Just go to your town or city hall and talk with the clerk there. They will give you all the information you need on how to get a garage sale permit. Never run a yard sale without a permit, or you will end up paying a hefty fine! Also, you can check online for the permits. Since some places will allow you to get one online! Remember, you can’t organize a successful garage sale without a permit! You can finish up this paperwork all the while searching for a reliable moving company! While you at it, you can get a free moving estimate from moving companies. Make sure you compare them before you settle in for one final company!

A sign saying PASSED

If needed, always get the permit!

Make an ad in local papers

You can’t organize a successful garage sale if nobody knows about it! Get some money and pay for an ad! Ask your local newspapers how much money they want for ads, as well as how much space you get for it! If you want some bigger “campaign” you might need to pay more. Also, you don’t have to check with the papers only! You can try out the local radio station as well as with some online advertising agency. Usually, they do not charge that much for such a small, one time ads. Here are some tips you can use when making an ad:

  • Always keep ads short and precise. Do not bother putting some unnecessary information. This will only stop you from organizing a successful garage sale!
  • List out the major items you are selling. Do not mention one of each, but group them up. Such as cutlery, toys, clothes etc.
  • Do not forget to mention the address, time and date!

Planning a garage sale is not so hard once you get to know a few tricks. While you are at it you can look for the boxes you will use to place items up for sale. You can actually learn how to use old packing boxes for this matter as well! They will certainly help you a lot!

A sign saying sale

Put an ad in the local newspaper

Make yard sale signs!

You know the situation when you are driving and there are no road signs to aid you? Well, this is exactly the same thing! You need some sort of signs that tell there is a garage sale going on. Furthermore, it is probably a good idea to place them along the street you live in. This way neighbors and passersby will know that you are organizing a successful garage sale! Get ready for some visitors and get your bargaining hat on, because you will have a lot of customers if you do this correctly! Yard sale signs are the best way to inform people directly on what’s going on in their neighborhood. But remember to take them off once the yard sale is over. It would be very rude to just leave them lying around. Once your garage sale is complete, count the money you earned! When you finish that, you will know how much money you have and how well you can organize your relocation! This will only make it easier to limit the moving budget, and you will have more money to count on!

blank piece of paper and some coloring brushes

Place signs so people can know you are organizing a yard sale

Whether or not you are moving to a new home, you will always meet up with the same issue! What to do with all those items you do not use anymore? Should you use them again, toss them in the garbage bin, give them as gifts? You could, but if you opt to get rid of them, then a garage sale is what you need! Organizing a successful garage sale is not an easy task! But we made it a bit simpler with our tips and tricks! Use them for your advantage, and good luck on your sale!

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