Packing your shoes for moving

It’s not easy to prepare for relocation! Especially when there are a lot of things you need to think about. And one of those things is packing your shoes for relocation. If you are quite a collector of them, and they are expensive, then you need to read our blog! Here you can find all the answers you will need, that will help you fulfill this not so simple task!

Packing your shoes – preparation

First things first. When packing your shoes for moving you need to gather cleaning and packing supplies. As far as the packing supplies go, all you need is paper and moving boxes. The idea is to have original packing boxes for those shoes. But, if you don’t have them, then there are several other ways you can pack them. You can find packing materials in your local stores. But, what about shoe cleaning supplies? Well, for that you will need:

  • Shoe polish. You will need to clean your shoes before you prepare them for relocation
  • Shoe brush, for less delicate cleaning
  • Cloth to further wipe it
Brush, used for wiping before packing your shoes for moving

You need to wipe before packing your shoes for moving

Most of the times, newspapers are used as stuffing material for shoes. It is the best way to protect them during transport. Paper will keep their shape in place without any issues. Packing your shoes for moving can’t be done without proper preparation. Especially if you are moving in Arizona. Heat in Arizona can reach high temperatures that can damage the leather on your shoes. So make sure to prepare them before packing!

Only use clean paper when packing your shoes!

Scuff marks, smashed shoes and other stains are one of the most common damages. To avoid that always use clean packing paper.  Newspapers are a good solution if you need to stuff your shoes to keep them from in their shape but wrap them only in clean paper. Packing your shoes for moving can be simple if you do it right. Any other paper that isn’t clean or it has any print on it, can leave a stain on your shoes when you wrap them! So, to avoid any possible situations like these, never use them.

Piece of white paper

Use white paper to avoid any possible stains

Sometimes, your movers can have proper packing materials used when packing shoes for relocation. They can provide you with them so you can pack them with ease!  Enquire your moving companies Green Valley AZ about it, and see if they can help you!

Different shoes require different cleaning methods

When you are packing your shoes for moving, you need to prepare them accordingly! Shoes, sneakers, cleats, etc all require different ways of cleaning. Some you can wash in your washing machine, while others, you need to clean by hand. All in all, it is not a bad idea to know how to properly clean footwear before you relocate.  Trust us, it will help you a lot when you are preparing your shoes for relocation!

image of legs with shoes

Different shoes require a different type of care

You don’t have to pack every shoe properly

One other method for packing your shoes for moving is to place them in plastic boxes or baskets. But only do this with the shoes you use every day. Those who are not expensive and don’t require proper packing when relocating. A good place to put them is a moving container! This is also the perfect time to do some purging with the items in your home! And that includes your shoes also! IF you have too many shoes, you can either donate them, give them to your friends as gifts or sell them by organizing a yard sale. These are one of the ways to get rid of excess items in your household! There is a number of reasons why you should give them away, and one of them is that you can save money! Yes, the fewer items movers need to transport, lower the moving estimate!

image of baskets

You can transport some shoes in baskets

Wrap every shoe separately

Now, this might sound like too much, but when it comes to expensive shoes, it can never be too much! You glassine paper and wrap it around the shoes! Because it is dry, doesn’t leak, and doesn’t contain any oils in it, it won’t damage your shoes! Especially during the transportation on those hot Arizona days! Another way you can pack your shoes for moving is to place them in small plastic bags or shower caps. They are perfect for that additional protection you might need while moving. Now, remember, polishes and leather shoes must always be wrapped. Because they can easily get scratched and damaged beyond repair.

Alligator in shower cap

Use a shower cap to further protect your leather shoes

We are aware this might take too long to complete, but trust us, you won’t regret it! Yes, you might lose time packing your shoes for moving, but there are other tips and tricks for a fast moving process you can learn about! They will surely help you with your relocation, and speed up the process!

If you can, use sturdy packing boxes!

If you threw out the original boxes that came with the shoes then opt out for something else. It doesn’t matter the origin or the material of the box, what is important is boxes durability! It will protect the shoes against any possible damages made by other items in the moving van! Plastic, cardboard, wooden or metal, these boxes should contain only your shoes and nothing else!

Packing your shoes for moving will look at a simple task after you read our article! The hows and whatnots you find here will guide you to a successful relocation! Please, if you have anything to add up to our guide, feel free to do so by leaving a comment! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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