Popular occupations in Tucson

Searching for a new job after you move to Tucson can be such a drag! You are in a constant race with settling in, finding a new job and paying bills. You simply do not need that kind of stress! We thought about this and figured out an article that will provide you with everything you need! Continue reading to find out more about the most popular occupations in Tucson and what kind of job is best suited for you!

Being a dentist is one of the popular occupations in Tucson

We already know what is the job of dentists. It is to find, diagnose and treat problems people have with teeth, gums and other parts of the mouth. The second part is to give advice and instructions on proper care of teeth and gums. Other duties involve:

  • Give their patients advice about diets, flossing and overall oral hygiene!
  • Making models and taking measurements of dental appliances
  • Examine teeth with x rays
  • Prescribe medicine and other antibiotics
  • Give anesthetics
  • Repair teeth
  • Remove decay from teeth
A dentist examining a child

Being a dentist is one of the most popular occupations in Tucson, and you will love doing it

With yearly income getting between $250,000 and almost $560,000 you can see why dentistry is one of the most popular occupations in Tucson. They earn a lot of money, but you will have to study hard to become one. You will find out, later on, in our article that Tucson is very popular as a medical care city. Because there are a lot of jobs for medical workers! So if you have opened new dentistry, consider having a local relocation, just to be close to it. If you wish to fully devote yourself to your dental career, find reliable Tucson movers that can help you out!

Fast growing occupations in Tucson

Tucson AZ marks an enormous economic development in the past decade. There a lot of new job openings and opportunities you can try on too. Before you head out for college, consider one of these occupations as one of your guiding lines for college choosing:

  • Electricians – as one of the constantly needed workers, you will be in charge of the electricity
  • Web developers – web developing is becoming a worldwide most wanted job, which is why it is among popular occupations in Tucson.
  • Roofing contractors
  • Research analysis operatives
  • Biomedical engineers
  • Translators, interpreters and other language-based jobs
  • Brick masons and block masons
A sign saying translate

Tucson needs more translators

Although Tucson is very popular for its medical field, you can see a rising trend in every work revolving around masonry, construction, and electrical installations. The reason why these occupations are becoming more and more popular in Tucson is that they are very profitable! More and more companies search for qualified workers they will hire on the upcoming projects they work on! In fact, this will only make it easier to hire moving companies and afford a move. Call your reliable relocators and estimate your move today!

Upcoming industries

In the upcoming years until 2024, the number of jobs is expected to rise significantly. If the information from the Arizona Department of Administration is to be believed, the following occupations are to be the fastest growing industries in Tucson, and you should search for a job in these fields:

  • Motor vehicle and parts dealers
  • Messengers and couriers
  • Technical and scientific services
  • Building material suppliers, and garden services
  • Nursing and other medical care
  • Manufacturing of various chemicals
  • Construction work
  • Trade contractors
  • Rental services
  • Data processing
A car salesman

Vehicle dealers earn a lot of money

As you may notice, there is also a growing trend among jobs in IT and motor industries. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you since Tucson is investing a lot of money in generating qualified and professional workers. These workers then open shops or get hired by many companies. Tucson is considered as one of the best growing grounds for excellent workers and experts. So, if your line of work revolves around finding jobs for people, then you should open an office here. Learn more about the ways to open the best office in Tucson and get on with your work today!

What are the top employing companies in Tucson

At long last, it is important to tell everything there is about top employers in Tucson. You can rest assured you can search for a job opportunity within these companies! Most of the time, people find it. But if you do not, just wait for it. These companies are constantly growing and searching for new employees. They are:

  • The University of Arizona. Which is logical since it produces the best experts there are in Arizona. And of course, they will want to employ the best students after they graduate
  • Raytheon Missile Systems – If working for the military is one of your dreams, then this is perfect for you!
  • Davis – Monthan Air Force Base
  • State of Arizona
  • Wal – Mart stores
  • Tucson Unified School District
  • Pima County
  • University of Arizona Health Network
  • S. Border Patrol
A sign saying Arizona

The state of Arizona hires people regularly

These are the biggest employers in Tucson, Arizona at the moment. As you may notice, some of them do not require a higher education so you will most certainly find a job. Furthermore, you should consider them as your potential employers when going out for a job hunt. Some of them even offer job openings in IT sector. And some of them allow you to work from home. So if you manage to land something like that, learn how to turn your home into an office space with ease!

These are just some of the most popular occupations in Tucson. They will provide you with not only a high paying job but also with excellent working experience! Also, you should check out the employer’s websites for more information on this topic.

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