Reasons to move to Benson, AZ

Benson – a gorgeous small city with a population of just a bit above 5000. The initial purpose of the place was to be a rail terminal for the area, and even today it remained with the same one. So, why would anyone want to move to Benson? If nothing, there are a lot of reasons as to why someone would love it here enough to hire Benson movers and relocate today. It has such a rich culture and history to offer. Plus, it is very hip and modern today, in spite of its age. We will not really get into reasons, for they could be endless. Either a job opportunity, a family reason or you fell in love with someone over there. All of them are legit.

We will rather discuss what happens when you move to Benson and why we believe that you will love your stay. Do keep note of the fact that it is just about 40 miles away from Tucson. This means that, even though your business is with Tucson, you can reside in Benson, if for no other reason than to save a bit of coin.

Reasons to move to Benson

Again, we will focus more on why you should move to Benson as in why we believe you will enjoy your stay in this gorgeous little town. Still, the reasons are in most cases not going to be related to Benson itself but to what is happening in Benson.

Benson is small. But within its very small grounds, there is a lot of things packed in. From a rich and long history to some good education and fabulous locations to spend your time mostly with your family. Furthermore, the place is quiet, cozy and safe. Mostly ideal for those who wish to settle down with their loved ones and enjoy the family life. But, this is not all Benson has to offer. For those that will move to Benson, we prepared some basic facts that will be should prove to be more than useful when thinking about whether to move to Benson or not.

Rich History

Believe it or not, but the city was found in distant 1880. This was the year that the Southern Pacific railroad came through the city. The city got its name after Judge William S. Benson, a good friend of the infamous Charles Crocker, president of the Southern Pacific. Ever since Benson served as a rail junction point in the attempt to obtain ore and various metals that would be extracted by wagon.

When the major railroad was built it went through Benson and it became a part of its history

History of Benson has a long connection to the railroad that goes through it

Considering that it was made this long ago the city has gone through many changes of historical value. There is no specific museum or anything that is dedicated to its extensive history, but rather every corner has a little hidden gem that you can appreciate. From old architecture to the general atmosphere Benson has to offer.

Kartchner Caverns State Park – is the next best thing about the place!

Kartchner Caverns State Park is the term that made Benson more popular than its history. Benson has become renowned for being a gateway to this glorious place. This state park features a cave with 2.4 miles of passage. It can be found 9 miles away from Benson, west of the San Pedro River.

This has made Benson very popular, and quite visited due to a lot of people visiting the state park go through Benson or even stay in it. The caverns are mostly carved out of limestone and are overwhelmed with speleothems growing for more than 50 thousand years. And they still grow.

Don't miss out on visiting the caverns, as it is a wonderful experience.

A place unlike any other, it’s a must-see attraction!

The two pieces of the cave that are available to the tourists are the Throne Room and the Big Room. The first contains the world record holder for being the largest soda straw stalactite. The second homes the most extensive formation of brushite moonmilk. Both of which are impressive feats of nature that I have seen more than once. And each time it is more and more interesting.

Living in Benson

But, the thing that interests you more than history or the national parks is the lifestyle of Benson. Well, it is quiet and slow, which is usually reason enough to dial local movers Tucson AZ. And if this is a deal breaker for you than living here will be too. There are no bright lights, the place is small and everyone knows each other. To me, this is a dream place to live. But this could be a deal breaker to some. Mostly young people dread of the thought of a peaceful and cozy life. They wish for an adventure and they want to have fun, a lot of colors and sleepless nights. And one can’t blame them, I was the same when I was younger.

Those who move to Benson will be happy with peace and serenity

If peace and quiet is your thing, then living in Benson will be too

But this is not something I crave anymore. I wish for peace and quiet, a nice small place where I know everyone and everyone knows me. This is what I crave for and love. Teenagers, on the other hand, do not.

Still, the healthcare, education and overall safety is superb, which is usually normal for such a small place. So, go Benson Bobcats! Also, the World University is located in Benson. And lastly, Cochise College has one of its branches located on Route 90.


If you want to move to Benson, you need to evaluate your needs. Benson is a jackpot to me. A place I would love ti live in. However, this might not be the case for everyone, and for a good reason. So, go through the article and see what the point of Benson is. You will know from the get-go if this place is for you or not.

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