Reasons to retire in Florence, AZ

Retiring in Arizona has always been popular. When thinking about retirement, initial thoughts go towards Florida. However, once you get to really think about retirement, Arizona is actually a great place to retire in. The state of Arizona is quite unique and almost everyone who makes the move ends up loving it. AZ is where family and friends are. Florence movers will get you there at the best price and with the least amount of hassle! Now, Arizona has a lot of places to retire in, so what exactly would be the reasons to retire in Florence, AZ?

Reasons to retire in Florence, AZ – the big one

While Florence has many reasons to be the best place to retire in AZ, this one trumps them all. Crime Rate. We want to be safe in our retiring years. Florence has the lowest crime rate in Arizona, by a significant margin. Just ponder on the fact that the next lowest crime rate, which is in Somerton, is double of that that Florence has!

If you want a safe and peaceful place, Florence is your stop point. Just think about it, the crime rate is the greatest factor when choosing a place to retire and Florence has the lowest crime rate. You do not need many more reasons to retire in Florence, AZ but we will provide you with more! When you are ready to move read the list of tips to help you get prepared.

Median Rent

Having virtually no crime, when compared to larger places, would usually mean that median rent goes sky-high. Not the case in Florence. While not the lowest out of them all, around $780 is still a pretty good deal. It is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum when you consider other places in AZ. For example, Scottsdale clocks around $1180 and Oro Valley at $1070! Admittedly, there are cheaper places to live but when you take everything into consideration, Florence has the best ratio out of them all.

Living in retirement can have unpredictable expenses, so cutting on living costs is a good side of living in Florence

Living in Florence can save you a bit of money, which can come quite handy when you retire

Distance to Airport

While some people might not consider this a large thing, it is still really important for the most of us. You want to spend your time with friends and family all over the states. That means that you will frequently visit the airport. Be it that you are going on a trip or that you are meeting somebody, the airport will be a frequently visited destination. Distance to Airport in Florence is only around 40 miles, which gets you there pretty fast. Compare that to some other place, like Cottonwood, where it is 218 miles and you will definitely notice the difference.


Also one of the major reasons to retire in Florence, AZ is the general population of the place. A lot of people here are retirees, just like the ones that are planning to retire here. That means that prospective residents will have age-appropriate company almost all the time.

Florence is definitely not populated only with retirees, but there is a significant number of them. Population clocks around 27 thousand, which puts Florence somewhere around average, where small cities are concerned. It is definitely not Tucson or Mesa but it is not Show Low or Chino Valley either. Lower population means there is a greater sense of community here and that is something that most of the retirees want.

Many people choose community as a reason to retire in Florence, AZ

A sense of community is what makes people want to come to Florence

Think about it for a bit. Would you rather live somewhere where you are just a number on some board or would you live somewhere more close-knit? Of course, the answer is different for everyone and what suits one, does not suit the other. However, the great community is definitely one of the major reasons to retire in Florence, AZ.

Places to spend your time in

Florence has many places to vie for your attention. We will try to mention just a few here but know that there are many others to explore! Notable places include:

Living in Florence, AZ

While Florence might lack all of the amenities of the big cities, it has everything that a city needs. There are plenty of parks and places for recreation. It has a really good library, where you can spend your time in leisure, enjoying a good book. There is a senior center, where you can find like-minded individuals for a range of activities. The community is really keen on recycling and really aware of littering. Everyone takes care of the place. As with everywhere in Arizona, the landscapes and sceneries are absolutely gorgeous. If you are a fan of hiking, you will love Florence. There are so many places that provide entertaining walks or runs.

Florence is a place that you will fall in love into very fast

You will quickly grow into liking life in Florence.

As mentioned previously, the community is a big part of why you should live and retire in Florence, AZ. Almost everyone is friendly and engaged in community activities. There are many traditions, ranging across neighborhoods that new residents can choose to partake in. And if you just want to sit back and enjoy the show, you can do that too. No one will force you into anything that you do not wish to do. There is a farmer’s market, where you can get always fresh vegetables. Living healthy is a big thing in Florence, as it should be. So you can be sure that all the products are steered toward that.

There are many cases where people make the move from Tucson to Florence, wishing for a more laid-back lifestyle, with lower crime rates and generally much more worry-free attitude. Local movers Tucson now have a vast amount of experience making such moves. So, if you find yourself in a position to move from Tucson, you know who to call!

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