Regulations for importing animals in Arizona

We already know how stressful relocation can be in Arizona. Especially if we are not aware of any of the laws and regulations for importing animals in Arizona. But fear not, because here we will tell you everything you need to know about this issue. So by the time you have to relocate your animals here, you will have all the paperwork needed for it!

Regulations for importing animals in Arizona are different for domesticated animals

As with every animal, there are different regulations for importing animals in Arizona. The criteria status with whether or not they are:

  • Exotic
  • Zoo animals
  • There are special regulations for importing animals in Arizona when it comes to living stock
  • Poultry
  • Cattle

Also, regulations might change depending on the number of animals imported.  Domesticated animals are not a different case. So, in the case of cats and dogs, there are a few things you must do before you relocate with them. All dogs and cats must have a certificate of Veterinary Inspection. 

the sign saying "know the rules" referring to Regulations for Importing Animals in Arizona

Regulations for Importing Animals in Arizona are easy to learn.

This certificate is no older than 30 days and it is issued by a licensed Veterinarian. Also, the copies of these documents must have original signatures. Always check with your airline if there are some special conditions you must follow. This is very important when you hire movers as well. Find moving services Arizona you can count on before you let them transport your furry friend.

Your pets must be vaccinated 

The other important task you must do before you relocate with your pets to Arizona is to vaccinate them. All cats and dogs must receive Rabies Vaccines before they enter Arizona. The CVI document we mentioned before must have information regarding the vaccination. According to the National Asociation of  State Public Health Veterinarians Compendium of Animal Rabies control, these vaccines should not be over 12 weeks old.

A hand holding a vaccine

Pets must be vaccinated.

Movers are also a bit strict when it comes to this. They do possess the necessary cases for animal transport! But on the other hand, they do not want to risk getting bitten. Have this in mind when you look for affordable Tuscon movers.

Beef cattle import regulations

When it comes to beef cattle, they all must have several things. Among those things is:

  • Entry permit number. You can get it by calling 602-542-4293. This permit lasts only 15 days.
  • CVI document – Certificate of Veterinary Inspection document that is issued by a veterinary. Lasts 30 days and all must have the original veterinarian signature.
  • Official identification – this identification differs from dairy breed steers, bulls and cows. But one thing is still the same. The orange ear tag must have info on it.

There are also some specific disease testing requirements. These regulations for importing animals in Arizona are here to protect the state of Arizona from any possible diseases. And also, nobody would want to buy any ill cattle. For instance, test for tuberculosis is not required unless the state of origin has a Tuberculosis Quarantine in effect.

image of cows

All cattle must have official identification.

Only cattle older than 3 months are tested and they all must pass 60 prior relocations.  The same thing goes for Brucellosis, while Trichomonas is different. Trichomonas is tested by getting samples within 30 days of relocation.  It is important to mention that every state has its own set of regulations. So it would be a good idea to know state import requirements contact information before you settle out to move your animals

Importing pigs

Regulations for importing animals in Arizona are very strict when it comes to pigs. There is quite a few paperwork to complete before you can move your animals to Arizona. This is because pigs are more open to diseases than any other farm animals. The task you must complete include things like:

  • Having an entry number
  • CVI document is important when it comes to regulations for importing animals in Arizona
  • Proofs swine was fed with healthy food
  • Proof they were not vaccinated against Pseudorabies

When it comes to official identification for swine you must have things such as:

  • Official federal individual ear tag
  • Ear notch
  • Electronic implants / microchips
  • Swine meant for slaughter are required to have USDA backtags.

After you finish with this part and relocate your animals here, it is good to know what are the pet-friendly places in Arizona. This will only help you with your relocation in a way that you will know where you can move and not have any possible troubles with the law and neighbors.

two pigs

You have to prove how you fed your pigs

Regulations regarding poultry

When it comes to regulations for importing animals in Arizona, poultry is no different than any other animal. They also require a bunch of tests and documents such as:

  • CVI document that you need when you transport any type of animal
  • National poultry improvement plan 9-3 Form.

Keep these documents with yourself at all time when you transport poultry. Because the law requires you to have them with yourself.

A chicken

Poultry does not require any specific disease tests

When it comes to specific disease testing requirements, the regulations are not that strict. The law does not require any testings unless you are importing them from quarantined areas. Only testing done is in case of Avian Disease outbreaks. But if everything is well, you can start the search for reliable movers that can help you with poultry transportation. Make sure you find out what expertise full-service movers provide and what are their policies about animal transportation.

Regulations for importing animals in Arizona are strict for a reason. They need to protect themselves and the people from any possible bad meat or product for that matter. This guide will help you get a closer idea on what you must do before you move your animals to Arizona. If you have any information that can help others, please leave it in the comment section down below! We will be glad to hear from you!

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