Residential Packing

We’re going to take this opportunity to give you fair warning: START PACKING YESTERDAY!

The #1 problem movers encounter on residential relocation jobs is the shipper not being fully packed. The great majority of our customers usually want to take on this part of the job themselves – for whatever reason. Some people do their own packing to save money, while others are very particular or apprehensive about letting anybody touch their stuff. Whatever the case may be, they invariably overlook one thing: the overwhelming and time-consuming nature of boxing and packaging household goods for transport.

Life happens. Don’t let it get the best of you. We recommend that you start packing up to 60 days in advance. The consequences of not being well packed on moving day can range from added expenses to jobsite accidents due to clutter.

For tips on packing visit our Expert Moving Blog or follow us on Social Media. If packing is not for you, give this Professional Tucson Packing Company a try. We have many years of experience packing in Tucson and surrounding areas. We pack everything from student dwellings to million dollar homes.

Estimate Your Move

Here is some stuff that we don’t mind packing for you:

Chrystal Stemware

Grandma's Fine China

Irreplaceable chachkies

95 Trillion Legos

TV’s & Electronics


Rocks of All Sorts

Plus, all of that crap in your garage that’s been in there for 6 years and you don’t know why you still have it but you won’t get rid of it for some reason...

Here’s some stuff we won’t pack:

TV Remotes



Rocket Launchers

Wet Noodles

Credit Cards

If you do your own packing, it’s going to take you much longer than you think. Make sure you allot 6.5 hours for nostalgia, 8.75 hours for frustration, 17 days for distractions, and 9 boxes of wine.

The moral of the story here is: you should hire Moving Buddies for all your packing needs because we’re going to look much cooler than you while we’re doing it.

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