Should you pay a deposit for the move

When planning something big such as a move to a new home, you have to be careful. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and it is not easy to think about all of them. People often underestimate the complexity of a move and sometimes that can cause serious problems. One of the most important things when it comes to planning a move is hiring a good moving company. Depending on how seriously you approach this and, in small part, depending on your luck, the quality of your moving company may vary. One of the questions that people often ask about movers is, should you pay a deposit for the move?

You have to be careful about potential moving scams

Should you pay a deposit for the move? This is not an easy question to answer. Sometimes, this may be a valid request of a moving company, but sometimes it may be a warning shot. What do we mean by this? Well, as is the case in every single segment of our society, there are those you can trust, and there are those who are untrustworthy. You have to do your homework when researching moving companies. One of the signs of a reliable moving company is that they are willing to give you free advice, like for instance tips for finding cheap storage unit in Tucson. Usually, paying a deposit is not something that the movers will ask of you, so that may actually be a red flag signaling a potential moving scam.

Storage units

Good movers will always give advice such as where to find cheap storage

What are the signs of a potentially bad moving company?

Depending on the situation, there are special cases when things that would usually be a warning sign of a moving scam, are actually alright. For instance, if they ask you to pay a deposit for the move during the summer when it is usually the peak of the moving season, then that probably means that they just need to make sure that you will hold on to that moving date. However, since this is just an exception, not a rule, what are the other signs besides having to pay a deposit for the move?

  • The moving estimate – The way they treat the moving estimate is one of the best signs of whether they can be trusted or not. The usual practice is that they send someone over to your place to scan the terrain. This person will then give an estimated cost of the move. Sometimes they may ask you to send them a video of your place if they cannot send someone over. But, if they do not do either of these, then you may be in trouble. If they tell you to give your own personal estimate, then that is a really big red flag. You do not want to pay a deposit for the move to them.
  • The services they offer and their prices – One of the best signs of the quality of a moving company is the variety of services they offer. If they can help you with moving pianos and safes, and if they can move your office across the longer distances, then they are the real deal. Also, if their cost is significantly lower than the average in your state, there might be something going on. The cost of Tucson movers is a good example of standard moving prices.

How much should pay a deposit for the move?

Due to the market getting more and more complex, asking for a deposit is becoming more and more common. It is still not common, but it depends on the area and the time of year. The proof of this is the fact that every moving company has its own policy concerning whether you should pay a deposit for a move. This means that depending on the company, the amount of money they require will surely vary. There are some factors that may influence this. Depending on which state and city you are in, it can go up and down.

Dollar bills to pay a deposit for the move

You have to be on the lookout for potential moving scams

It is not the same moving from one part of Manhattan to another, and moving from a village to a nearby town, right? Next, if you are going to move during the weekend and during the summer, the deposit will be bigger. It is the law of the market. Since during weekends and during the summer are most moves held, this is a logical consequence. Of course, the number of things that you are moving plays a major role. Also, whether you are making a local move or a long distance one is also something to bear in mind.

End result?

A lot of companies base the deposit on a percentage of the final moving cost. Their goal is to protect their reputation but also themselves, as much as you want to avoid damaging your belongings. Different companies will obviously have different percentages. However, when you take everything into consideration, your deposit should be somewhere between $100 and $500 dollars. Anything more than that you should be careful with.

Are the deposits refundable?

Depending on the situation, it may or may not be the case. When you pay a deposit for the move, the moving company is saving a day for you. Sometimes things happen, and you have to cancel. Usually, this is not a problem, and you can get your money back. There are some standard procedures in play, however. With a 2 weeks’ cancellation notice, you can usually get a 100% refund, and reschedule with no added costs. Depending on the particular situation and the company’s policy this may or may not be the case. The best thing to do is to check with the company before you sign any contracts.

A woman writing in a planner

If you have to cancel, try to do it at least two weeks ahead

Extra tip

Besides making sure what their policy concerning cancellation is, there is one more thing. You have to send them the cancellation notice in a specific way. You have to postmark it and mail it to the moving company through the prepaid US Registered or Certified Mail, with the return receipt requested. Any other way of cancellation via emails, calls etc is not a valid cancellation notice.

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