The best Tucson suburbs to live in

We all know that Tucson is a wonderful place to live in. So wonderful, that it has many suburbs that are competing for the best place to live spot. It is impossible to name one suburb absolutely the best, as they all offer something different. Nonetheless, these are the best Tucson suburbs to live in:

  • Oro Valley
  • Sahuarita
  • Green Valley
  • Catalina Foothills
  • Corona De Tucson
  • Tanque Verde
  • Saddlebrooke
  • Marana

We will provide you with some information on why these particular suburbs are great for you and also give you the reason to move into each.

Oro Valley

This suburb features Mediterranean houses and also contemporary homes. If you love the look and style of the Mediterranean, this is the suburb for you! There are many places and activities for just about everyone. If you are into food, there is the Oro Valley Farmers Market, with always fresh produce. Maybe you are into hiking, in which case you will thoroughly enjoy Catalina State Park which is close by. How about a good book? Public Library got you covered. There are also really good golf courses at the local El Conquistador Country Club.

Also worth noting about Oro Valley is that the High School graduation rate is pretty high, around 96%!

Probably one of the best Tucson suburbs to live in – Sahuarita

While we have said that is impossible to choose one among the best Tucson suburbs to live in, Sahuarita come pretty close to the top spot. Sporting one of the lowest crime rates (and also unemployment rate) out of all suburbs, Sahuarita is a serious contender for #1 spot. Similar to Oro Valley, you can find Mediterranean styles all around, which also have pretty large lots.

Sahuarita is one of the best Tucson suburbs because of its beautiful properties

If you like big estates in Mediterranean style, think about moving to Sahuarita

The sheer amount of amenities (around 400) ensure that you can take your pick in whatever activity you choose. Whether you enjoy fishing, casual walks or community events, Sahuarita got you covered! All that is left to do is hire movers Sahuarita AZ and enjoy your new life!

Green Valley

Green Valley is easily near the top of the best Tucson suburbs to live in, due to the sheer amount of amenities (around 900) and low-ish commute times (20-25min). Notable amenities include an awesome Desert Meadows Park and Joyner, the local library. This suburb features a bit more modest homes, made in ranch style while also having huge houses in, you guessed it, Mediterranean style. Green Valley movers will get you there in no time and with extremely competitive costs.

Catalina Foothills

This suburb features more choice in homes than most of the others. Prospective buyers can choose from huge, spacious, Mediterranean houses, contemporary homes and a bit more modest, ranch style, houses. There is much to love here if you can appreciate nature and hikes. Sabino Canyon provides some of the best sights there are, while also providing a challenge on some of its trails. If you like the river view more, there is the Rillito River Park.

Worth to note is that Catalina Foothills have even higher High school graduation rate than Oro Valley, even if it is by only 1% (97%). If you decide to purchase a house here, average price runs around $430,000.

Corona De Tucson

Everyone works at Corona De Tucson! Well, almost everyone. With an unemployment rate of only 3.5%, this is the place to settle down. Corona is a small town, though, with a population of around seven thousand residents. This might be just what you are looking for, or it might turn you off. The fact of the matter is that the community is really tight and involved and that they will make you feel welcome. Tucson is just around 45 minutes away, which is not too bad if you require amenities of the big city.

Tanque Verde

Tanque Verde is one of those suburbs which are similar to others and therefore gets overlooked easily. Which would be a mistake. It has one of the lowest crime rates and features many camping spots and opportunities for mountain climbing, at Tanque Verde Peak.

If you don't like to spend too much time indoors thing about Tanque Verde as your place of residence

Tanque Verde has beautiful scenery if you wish to engage in outdoor activities

Their own Agua Caliente Park provides a much-needed place for a picnic or casual walks. And their Kirk-Bear Canyon Library is one of the best libraries in Tucson.


The suburb of Saddlebrooke has a low crime rate, an active adult community and really good golf courses. Oh, and really good graduation rate, too! You can hit the links at Mountain View Country Club, or hit them at SaddleBrooke One golf course. If you are more into hiking and camping, while enjoying gorgeous mountain views, there is the Santa Catalina Natural Area nearby. Homes are, as in most Tucson suburbs spacious and Mediterranean.


Last but definitely not the least, Marana features a large number of amenities for a suburb (around 450). Residents of this suburb can enjoy watching wildlife at, particularly scenic, Tortolita Mountain Peak while there is a particularly fun golf course at The Gallery Golf Club. If you are more inclined to spend your time reading, Geasa Marana Branch Library got you covered.

If you wish to move to a place that has it all think about Marana

Beautiful estates and amenities make Marana one of the best Tucson suburbs

Also worth to mention is that the houses here come with large private lots and are often really spacious. Marana might be the hidden jewel you are searching for. Check it out and, if you decide on moving there, movers Marana AZ will provide you with some of the best prices to move to this area.

You should now have more information on best Tucson suburbs but this is definitely not everything that has to be said on the matter. You should use this list as a guideline for selecting a perfect place for your new home. See what you like and then delve into it further, making sure that your new home will have everything you require!

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