Tips for negotiating a relocation package

Planning your move can be a really complicated task. Depending on the situation, it can be something that is going to haunt you for the rest of your life, or it can be something that you are going to go through without breaking a sweat. These are the two opposite ends of the scale, with countless levels of stress/simplicity in between. There are many factors that can nudge your move one way or the other. One of the most important ones is finding a good moving company. Once you find a moving company you have to be ready for negotiating a relocation package properly. We have prepared a guide for doing just this.

You have to find a good moving company first

Finding quality movers can be a tricky thing sometimes. Whether you are looking for the best Benson movers just to move across town, or you want to move to Manhattan, you are going to have to do your homework properly first. As is the case with any other industry out there, there good and bad apples in the moving industry basket too. Bumping into people who want to use you or scam you in some way is a real possibility. So, you have to be really careful when looking for good movers. Negotiating a relocation package with scammers is something you really do not need.

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Ask your friends and family to recommend a moving company

Before negotiating a relocation package, make sure you have your goals straight

When undertaking something so important like a move, it is really important that you plan everything you can the best way you can. So, for instance, you have to decide whether you are going to need the help of the commercial movers Arizona just for loading and unloading, or you need them to help you with packing also. Then you have to think about the moving day. Do you want it to be a weekend? If that is the case, then you may need to pay a bit extra, because weekends are a week’s chokepoint when it comes to moving. You have to define things like this before you start negotiating a relocation package.

Make a detailed inventory list

This is a really important step in organizing a move, though people often underestimate it. Making a quality moving list can be beneficial in several ways.

  • You will pack more effectively – Once you have all of your belongings on a list, you will be able to plan the packing more effectively. We suggest you make a separate inventory list for every room in your home. That way, you can prioritize your belongings in each room. Also, while you pack, mark each box with a short description
  • That will help you unpack – Having every box marked with the name of the room and a number or some other sign will help you when unpacking. You will be able to first unpack the boxes you need more. You will also be able to instruct the movers where to put each box.
  • It will help you with negotiating a relocation package – Contacting a moving company and asking for an estimate is a good way to scout the terrain. Once they send someone to your place to give an estimate, you can have them sign and thus confirm the validity of your inventory list. Having such an inventory list can be really important if you find yourself in need to file a moving insurance claim.

Check what services does the moving company provide

As is the case with any other industry, the moving industry also has its subbranches and subspecializations. This is the reason why not every moving company can offer you the same variety of moving services. Which is why it is important to be clear with what you need from the movers. There are many types of movers as well as there are many types of relocations. So, if you are going to be moving over longer distances, the price will surely be higher. On the other hand, some of them are only moving clients locally.

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Make sure that you know what services you need

If you are organizing a commercial move, you have to be ready to work a bit harder on finding a corresponding moving company. This is because not all of them have the equipment to move your office or an entire firm. If you need someone to move your piano, for instance, then you need to find a company specialized for that. So, before you rush into signing a contract with a moving company, make sure that you know what exactly they can offer you beforehand.

Be aware of your limits

This is generally really sound advice whatever you are doing. When it comes to negotiating a relocation package, defining your moving budget is really important. You have to have a clear idea of what your moving budget can handle. Moving prices can vary from several hundreds of dollars to several thousands of dollars. The cost varies from situation to situation. Different moving companies have different standards when it comes to the difference between short and long distances moves. So, make sure that you know what your upper limit is for hiring a moving company.

What is a perfect relocation package for you?

And what is the one that simply won’t cut it for you? Defining these two endpoints is really important, as it gives you a clear perspective on how much money you can spend on which level of moving services. Perhaps, your perfect scenario is paying, for instance, around $1100 for two trucks to move all of your belongings to the desired destination. That means that you could potentially settle for paying around $1500 for all that.

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An inventory list can give you a clearer picture of what you exactly need from the movers

That may also mean that paying $2000 for all that is simply too much. So, put things on paper and make a decision by yourself. Do this before you go to the moving company and start negotiating.  Bear in mind that paying a bit extra for a proven moving company can actually be a real bargain compared to risking it with a cheap but questionable moving company.

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