Tips for packing fine art

So, fine art time! Congrats on the big move! Now, you need to be on the top of your game if you want to do the packing fine art properly. First of all, you need to have patience. Create a moving plan since that is something that you will unconditionally need. Your packing will be basically based on that moving plan/checklist. For a moving plan you need to have a professional company. Preferably, hire someone who has experience in the field, hire Moving Buddies Tucson AZ. Only in the hands of a professional, you will be sure that no harm will be done to your items. So, choose someone who will understand the trust you’re giving them. Have those pencils ready to write down more important stuff and let’s roll.

Packing-fine-art plan

Start several months in advance. Why? Because that is the time that you are going to need to organize everything. Moving is not a simple task. You need to ensure that all pieces of the puzzle are there. If besides the regular items that you want to move you have fine art, it means more work. Create a moving inventory list, that will ease the pain of moving. Whether you have different types of vases, sculptures etc., you need to have them enlisted. Then you will know what your next step is going to be and where. A good plan will keep you on track. Take it seriously. Don’t wait for the last day to do everything at once. It will backfire. You might even forget some important items or oversee some stuff going on. Have sure baby steps on the way of packing fine art.

Packing fine art will take time
Create a plan for packing fine art.

Knowing how to move a hot tub is not the same as moving fine art, of course. Yet, the packing part may be similar. So, choose a day on which you are going to pack certain items. Again, you have to place everything in order. Mark the most urgent tasks and start from there. You may find out that there is a better way to pack a certain item. Or that your packing plan has flaws. But, all that is normal when packing fine art. It’s better to find that out at that moment than on the actual moving day. It will take some time and changes but that’s how it got to be. Anyhow, better to be safe than sorry. So, how the boxes should be, what about the packing peanut and tape guns? All that below.

Actual steps of packing fine art

So, you have the plan and you know when and what you are going to pack. Now, let’s talk about the how part. For different items, you need to have different types of boxes. Of course, adjust everything to your inventory list. If it’s a bit more peculiar, be sure to have all the needful. Whichever items you have, take the good quality boxes. Never over pack the boxes. It is better to have several small boxes than the almighty one that can crash with everything inside of it. Get the markers and tape guns since you will have to cover the boxes once you pack. You can also place the color markers. All that is necessary to unpack easily later on and to prioritize. Do you know how to pack paintings? That should be done in a different way that the usual fine art.

Do you have enough packing paper?
How are you going to pack the most fragile item?

Be sure that the box that you have is clean. This is important especially if you are packing something that can get dirty or change its structure. Then, place a moving blanket and plan the best way to organize the items in the box. Do it in such a way that you take the most of the space you have. Wrap each and every item in a paper. Do it several times and rest assured that no harm will be done. If there’s more place left, fill it in with packing peanut. By the way, do you know who made that packing peanut? Then label it, place color-markers, whichever option works for you. Do not forget to write down everywhere FRAGILE. You can also use a pillow when packing for extra safety. The most important is that the items stay in one piece.

What else do you need to know when packing fine art?

Of course, each and every work of fine art must be treated as such when packing. But, you can also consider consulting the moving company for help with that big piano. It takes professionalism to move a piano. If it is located on the second floor, don’t even think about doing it yourself, consult the best piano movers Tucson AZ. Have in mind the value of the item you are relocating. Check with the moving company about the moving insurance. You should be sure that your belongings are insured. Companies usually have specific promotions when you take their full package of service. The skill that they have can save you the time of stressing out with piano moving. Don’t forget to have proper clothes when doing all this. You don’t want to have stains or dirt on your clothes neither on the actual item.

Be positive about the move
Start executing your tasks

When packing fine art, think about the edgy corners in the house. You don’t want to end up damaging your house, As well, do not lift too heavy items. The relocation should be done in the safest way possible. So, even if you know how to construct moving boxes, think again about using the same.

In most of the cases, you must hire professionals because of the manpower, the packing skills etc. So, choose the best option for you and start thinking about what to pack last on moving day. The sooner you start, the faster it will be done.

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