What not to forget when moving?

It’s easy to forget to do something during fussy moving preparations. In fact, it is so simple that most newbies and even experienced people who are going to move to another part of the country again, simply forget to do some important things that must be done when moving. The reasons for not being able to think about these important moving tasks in a timely manner may be different in each case of moving. From an incomplete moving calendar and refusal to hire Sahuarita movers through poor relocation to simple absentmindedness. But it is important to know what not to forget when moving.

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And although it is perfectly clear that it can happen to forget to do one or two things before you move, this is of course not recommended

Here are tips on what not to forget when moving

Choose the right time for the move

If you have the freedom to choose the day of the move, you should use this unique opportunity. And then carefully plan the date of the move. Since the summer period is the top moving season, the demand for professional Oro Valley movers reaches its peak. And most movers do not want to prepare convenient moving quotes or offer pleasant discounts. For comparison, the move, planned for the off-season, can reduce the total price by 20% or even more. Similarly, if you have any flexibility, order your move on a weekday somewhere in the middle of the month.

Change address and unsubscribe from everything

Do not forget to change your address when moving with the help of postal services. And also cancel any subscriptions that you currently use – newspapers, magazines, home delivery services and so on. As you move to a brand new address, ask the new owners to send your mail until the address change. Of course, the above request must be accompanied by some money to cover the cost of mail forwarding.

Disconnect and reconnect the utilities

Proper disabling of utilities in your old house, and then re-connecting them in the new residence is one of the important things not to forget when moving. Moving experts recommend that you turn off old utilities in 2-3 days after you leave the house. And organize electricity, Internet, telephone, cable TV in your new home approximately 2-3 days before the day of the move. Just do not forget to contact the appropriate service providers in time. If you do not want to experience the unique thrill of unpacking in the dark.

Notify institutions and friends

This is an important step what not to forget when moving. Currently, with the boom of social networks, the process of informing your circle of friends is a simple matter. And it takes only a few minutes of your time (as well as a few mouse clicks). Just write “I’m moving!” or “I just moved!” to your preferred network, and everything is ready. You should also notify important institutions of your upcoming or recent relocation. It is important to know who to notify when you are moving, as well as to do it in time.

Mark packed boxes

Another thing people often forget to do is follow one of the best relocation tips: label their packed boxes correctly. This usually happens to newbies who forget it or think that the labeling process is just a waste of time. Experienced professionals know how important labeling is simply because it significantly speeds up the unpacking process. So if you do not want to lose a lot of time later, take a black marker pen now. Then write the contents, the destination room, and special processing instructions on at least two sides of each packed box.

Pack the essentials box

When packing your household items for transportation, be sure to pack a box or two with essentials items. This will help you survive the last day in your old house or the first day in your new one. All of that while your home goods are on the way. You will not have access to the things you use daily and take it for granted. Thus, such a box of essentials will allow you to survive until your goods have been delivered. Consider packing the following useful items in your survival kit: prescription meds, perishable products, kitchen utensils, extra clothing change, towel, blanket, essential tools, etc. And that box is one of the things to pack last on moving day.

Pack important documents

Do not forget to pack important documents, especially those that you will need immediately after the end of the move. Prepare the cover and put in it all the most important documents found in your home:

  • personal documents (passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, diplomas, professional qualifications),
  • labor documents (labor contracts, evaluation reports),
  • documents for the house (property documents, lease agreements, mortgage documents, insurance policies),
  • financial documents (bank statements, tax receipts),
  • vehicle documents (car registration, auto insurance policies) and
  • other important documents.
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Now that you know what not to forget when moving, your move will undoubtedly be much smoother and less headache than ever.

Always keep this binder with you, that is, do not pass it on to your professional Tucson movers. You are responsible for shipping all of this necessary documentation, so pack this binding in a box with essential items and watch it carefully.

Also, check if you have the necessary school documents for transferring your school-age children to another school. As well as the necessary medical records to register with a new health care provider in the city or city of destination.

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