What to pack last on moving day

Whenever we plan our relocation, we tend to prioritize some things. Most of the times those are the items we would need during the transportation. People often get confused with what to pack last on moving day, so we took to ourselves to help you out! Follow our instructions and you will know what things to pack last and what to pack first! When the moving day arrives you will be absolutely ready for it!

Personal items are the things to pack last on moving day

Wherever you chose to move, whether short or long distance, you must pack these personal items last. They are the items you will most probably need during the moving process. And depending on the season you chose to move, the list of those items gets bigger or smaller. Personal items you need to pack last on moving day are:

  • Your personal laptop. This is very important to pack last on moving day since you will probably have to finish some work during the move.
  • Chargers for smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  • Personal documents such as birth certificates, passports, ID’s, medical papers Also, do not forget to put them in a specially designated box meant for items like that.
An image of a laptop that you need to pack last on moving day

A laptop is one of the items you need to pack last on moving day.

You will most probably use them during relocation, so why not make it easy for yourself and pack them last. Especially during long distance moving. While you search for cross country movers AZ, remember to keep these items with yourself.

Extra clothing depending on the season

When you are relocating to colder parts of the country, it is necessary to bring some extra clothing with you. Blankets, pillows, jackets, coats etc are the items to pack last on moving day. Now, there are few things to remember when you plan to move. First things first, you will still have to sleep in your old place. If you pack all of your blankets and pillows first, you will end up freezing. In other words, leave those items for the last day to pack them in the van. That’s the only way to stay warm during the relocation process.

A blanket

Do not pack the blankets until the moving day if you are moving during colder months.

Most of the time, people plan their move in autumn or spring. Because those are offseason months for. During those seasons, it is very easy to find a reliable moving company and storage units as well. While you are in the process of hiring your moving company, ask them about any storage solutions AZ and they will surely provide you with a great offer.

A first aid kit and a medicine bag

These items are very great! If the question is what to pack last on moving day, then medicine should be the first answer. During the relocation process, our immune system tends to drop. Whether from stress, tiring tasks or whether it doesn’t matter. You must always keep this in mind when packing! Especially if it is the case with prescription medicine.

Remember, you can avoid any kind of crisis if you pack them on a moving day, and keep them with yourself. These items are very important, especially if you have an elderly resident who is moving with you. They rely heavily on medicine they have, and they must take them regularly. This is where careful planning comes in handy!

A close-up of different pills.

Make sure to have easy access to your medicine cabinet at all times

If you plan well, you will have little to worry about when moving day comes. The medicine must be kept at your side during this process. It must also be a part of the essential box during the relocation. Medicine is just a small part of what an essentials box must contain when moving. Learn the importance of this special „first aid“ box and what you must pack in it! This way you will know how to „survive“ that harsh transitional period during the relocation.

Cleaning items

Whether or not we are moving out or in, cleaning supplies are a must have at all time! When we prepare for moving we make a lot of mess. And there is also a lot of dust in the places we couldn’t reach before. So always keep the cleaning items with yourself before the moving day arrives. If they are packed last when the moving day comes, you will have easier access to them. Especially when you arrive at your desired location. You will not instantly start to unload furniture and all other things.

Brooms in different colors.

Cleaning items must be easily accessible.

You will have to clean up a bit your new home. This is why it is important that these items are last to pack. In order to avoid any unnecessary problems during the relocation, you must plan it before time. A good plan is a sure way to a stressless relocation. Making a moving checklist is just one of the ways to not lose your mind on a moving day.

Any kind of tools

Tools are very important. Without them, we can’t solve any problems we might have on a moving day. If there is a leakage, fix it. Something broken, nail it. If we take our tools and put them in boxes first, we will have a hard time to retrieve them. You will have to unpack who knows how much just to get a hold of that screwdriver you need. Instead, pack your toolbox last when the moving day arrives.

It is a sure way to avoid any problems you can’t fix due to lack of tools. But once you have a hierarchy of items to pack last on moving day, make a special list. This list must contain every item you are moving to your new home. Find out why making a moving inventory checklist is a good idea and try to implement it to your plan.

tools on the table

You might need tools before you move

Items you must pack last on moving day are very important. Without them, who can guarantee we can have a successful relocation. Problems may occur before, during or after the process is done. So having them near you and easily accessible is something very important. We hope you lost any kind of doubts about these items after reading this article. If you have anything to add up, leave a comment!

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