What To Clean Before You Move In

Moving to a new home is a great and important thing. Executing a move can be a challenging endeavor and is often rather stressful. There are simply so many things that you have to do, and it is no wonder that people hate moving. You have to pack all of your belongings for starters. There is also the whole thing concerning hiring a good moving company. With so many things on their minds, it is often the case that people forget about certain things, like that they should tip the movers, for instance. Or forgetting to clean up their new home before they move in. It is really important that you clean before you move in.

Why it is so important that you clean before you move in?

Let’s say you are moving to Mesa, Phoenix, from New York City. It is not exactly that close, right? Still, you should go there before the movers arrive and clean before you move in. Depending on a specific situation, your new home may be more or less in need of a cleanup. Cleaning it is really important for several reasons. Firstly, you will do yourself a favor if you clean up because it will be a lot easier and nicer to move into a place that is clean of all the possible dirt or junk. Depending on a specific situation, your new home may be more or less in need of a cleanup.

A woman trying to clean before you move in

If you clean before you move in, you will settle in quicker

Secondly, cleaning your new home thoroughly is very helpful when dealing with post-move stress. How so? By cleaning it you get to know it and to feel it more like your own. This is especially effective if you go to your new home a couple of days before the moving day is due. Once you clean it and then come back there once the move is over, it will already feel like home for you. It would also be smart to bring the entire family to help out and to meet their new hometown. If you have kids, it would be really good for them. It is a psychological thing – The place will feel a lot closer to your hearts if you have already seen it before the moving day. The same is true for your pets as well, as moving can be stressful for pets also.

So, how to clean your new home?

Cleaning up your new home is not something that you should just get over with. You need to do your best and clean it the best you can. That is why taking a whole weekend to move and clean may not be a bad idea. This is very important due to the reasons we stated above. So, what exactly and how should you clean before you move in?

Start from the top!

When we think about dust, we think about it only being on furniture and perhaps bookshelves. That is, of course, not true as dust gets to pretty much everything. So, you should start with the highest of things in each room. Things like higher shelves, ceiling fans, lighting and everything else that is close to the ceiling is something that you should take care of. They are more than likely to be really dirty, as people generally clean them rather rarely. Once you start cleaning them, the dirt will start falling down on everything, so cleaning it first is something that has to be done.

Take care of your refrigerator next

One of the things that makes moving so challenging is the variety of items that we possess. This means that sometimes we need extra help, like if we have a piano then we have to hire someone like piano movers Tucson AZ. Electronic devices are one such group of items, for instance. They are really sensitive and moving them has to be done carefully. Appliances are a particular group of electronic devices, that may require even more attention. The refrigerator is one of the most crucial items in every single household. Taking care of it should be one of the first things that you clean before you move in.

a kitchen

The fridge is the first thing to take care of when cleaning your new home

Storing your food properly is one of the highest priorities, no surprises there. So, before you fill it up with food, you have to make sure that it is properly sanitized. It won’t take a lot of your time, which is great. So, take out all the shelves and drawers. Use soap and warm water, and clean each of them one by one. As for the inside of the refrigerator, mix water and vinegar. Make sure that they are in a 50-50% relation and get some clean rags. Cleaning should not be too hard. If there are any stubborn stains, let the solution stay on them for a while. That should loosen them up enough so you can clean them up properly.

The kitchen

Once you are set with storing your food, cleaning the rest of the kitchen should be next. Cleaning it from the top of the kitchen is, of course, the only way to do this right. So, lighting, the tops of cabinets, the shelves etc, have to be cleaned first. After you are done with them, you should do appliances next. If you have not already cleaned the freezer, you should clean it the same way you did the fridge. Otherwise, clean the oven, the microwave, the sink etc. After that, clean the counters next. The doors of the top cabinets should be cleaned first, but the bottom cabinets should be cleaned the last. Of course, you have to clean all of them thoroughly, as that is the only way to properly clean before you move in.

The bathroom

a person cleaning the toilet

The bathroom has to be cleaned to perfection

Cleaning a home properly is not something that should wait for the last possible minute. In fact, if you are also moving in the last minute means that you will surely need help from the last minute movers. It would be best if you made sure that that is not the case, so you can clean everything the best way. So, after you are done with the kitchen, then the next step is the bathroom. The bathroom has to be cleaned to perfection.

Due to the nature of things that we do there, it is a constant need for maintenance. So, grab some dish soap and a couple of sponges. You will need them for the first phase of scrubbing. The second phase requires antibacterial spray. This will help you get rid of any surviving germs. As for toilet seats, it is best to simply replace them. That way, you will feel much better about them.

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