Here's what your movers won't move

Moving remains one of the most troublesome experiences you will have in your life. When you look at the process from a distance, it does not sound that bad. Surely, it couldn’t be? The common mistake people fall into when trying to organize everything. We assume that it couldn’t be that bad. What does it take? Grab all the stuff, sort it and box it. Then, take it downstairs and load it into the truck. Voila! Right? Well, fundamentally, that is right. However, there are so many variables that have grievous influence over the entire process and make it not so simple. Fortunately, we have movers! Unfortunately, movers won’t move everything.

This is what we are here to prepare you for! If you know, well in advance, the list of items you own that the movers won’t move – you will be fine! So, how big of a list are we talking about? Not that big. The best thing you could do in order to prepare yourself for this, aside from reading this article, is to contact your movers well in advance. This could also be one of your decision making factors! Which moving company to choose – which items their movers won’t move. If you hire Moving Buddies Tucson AZ and you need further clarification, give us a call and we will happily explain everything!

So, what are the things your movers won’t move?

The list is not devastating. It will not defeat your entire process. And it most definitely will not defeat the purpose of having a moving company with you on that infamous day. In fact, having a proper and professional moving business from on your side might aid you quite a bit. Still, it will contain a list that you should, in our eyes, be prepared for. Because, if you know what awaits, you will be able to fully address it on time.

The reason, in most cases, as to why your moving company decided against moving certain belongings is simple. Either they do not wish to feel liable for the items that exceed a certain value, or they do not have the right equipment for certain items, or they simply need a legal license that they do not own. Regardless of which category your case falls into, it comes down to the good old – it is what it is. Fortunately, most moving companies share the same types of items they won’t move. So in that regard, you should be alright!

So, without further ado, let’s dig into the list of most common items your movers won’t move. Do keep in mind that this list is not universal and that it can vary from one moving company to another. We still highly advise for you to contact the moving company and ask them, first hand, which items they do not dabble with. This will be the safest option.


Making its way to the top of our list are our green friends. Or multicolored. Either way, if it’s a plant, most likely your movers will not wish to handle it. There are several reasons for it, but the most common one is the fact that, in order to move a plant for a distance longer than 150 miles, a moving company needs a specific moving license. 

One of the things movers won't move are any types of plants.

One of the items your movers won’t move is your plants.

Since moving of plants for a distance larger than 150 miles is not such frequent task movers deal with, they usually never get this license. It’s just not worth it. However, even if they do own a license, or the state they operate in doesn’t require one, they might just choose not to deal with plants. It’s a drag for them, and in most cases, you can organize their transport yourself. You’ll know the best way to deal with them anyway.

The good news about this part is that moving companies will, in most cases, communicate the fact that they don’t deal with plants well in advance. So you will not get caught by surprise. You can also check out some tips for moving your houseplants.

Hazardous materials

Hazardous materials are second on the list of things your movers won’t move. But, this is far more self-explanatory than the “plants” bit. Moving hazardous materials without the appropriate permits as well as equipment are dangerous, and no company should do it. Only very specialized companies, with trained personnel and the appropriate equipment, should dare to move such materials.

Any hazardous material is a no go.

But, what are hazardous materials? The first thing that pops to mind is some super strong acids or chemicals that explode. Right, that’s at least what pops to my mind first. But it’s not that cool. They are, however, very dangerous materials if not handled the right way.

Some of the items on the list are aerosol cans, paint, paint thinners, batteries, and battery fluid, fire extinguishers and so forth. You get the idea of what the dangerous chemicals are. These are the materials your movers will most likely not play with. Still, it’s worth asking in advance, but most commonly the answer is going to tell you that you have to organize relocating these items on your own.

On the other hand, these are the items you really shouldn’t want to move. The good news is, all of these items are highly recyclable, and this is what you will most likely want to do. If you recycle them, you also might get a few bucks back. Moving is expensive, so saving a few bucks is not a bad idea!


Movers will not touch any expensive valuables you have.

The last thing your movers won’t move are any valuables you have.

Last but not list – valuables. Valuables are items that exceed a certain price and can be categorized as expensive items. Some of the items we are talking about are, for instance, expensive paintings, other pieces of art and jewelry. The reason as to why they don’t want to deal with this is simply – too much of a risk if something goes wrong. Usually, moving companies are not specialized in handling expensive items. And it is because of this that they will most likely refuse to do so. Fortunately, you have companies that specialize in just that. For example, piano movers Tucson AZ will move your piano without any problems.

Good luck!

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