Where to find free moving boxes

There are many ways for saving money when moving from one place to another, but knowing where to find free moving boxes is the simplest one. From grocery stores to your neighbor’s house, free boxes are everywhere. All you have to do is learn where to look for them. And this is how this article comes in handy. We will inform you about the most popular locations for getting yourself some free cardboard boxes for your upcoming relocation. With our help, you’ll manage to find them in no time!

Search your home for free moving boxes

A lot of people don’t realize that finding moving boxes isn’t hard. Most of them are already in our homes. Whether you moved a year or ten years ago, you’ll be able to find at least two or three cardboard boxes in your home. Try to find as many original packagings as you can. This will make packing of electronics a lot easier for you. Also, use every box you find. There’s no such thing as a too small box. If it’s undamaged, then it’s good for your relocation. And here’s an extra tip! You can make moving day fun by asking your kids to help you. For example, finding free moving boxes could be like a treasure hunt. Whoever finds the most boxes, wins.

Ask people in your surrounding

After searching your home, it’s time to ask the people in your surrounding to help you. There’s a big chance you’ll stumble upon someone who has just moved and can give you their leftover moving boxes. And, after you finish your move, you should give these boxes to someone else who needs them. This is one of the best ways to reuse your old moving boxes. But, before you do that, let’s find moving boxes for your relocation. You should ask these three groups:

  • Family – this will be a great chance to visit family members that you haven’t seen in a while. And you’ll also get free moving boxes.
  • Neighbors – ask only those who you’re good with. It might be a little awkward to ask someone you don’t know to give you their cardboard boxes.
  • Colleagues – every working space has a lot of boxes. And most of them just sit in a corner and collect dust. Before you take these boxes, talk to your boss to see whether it’s okay to use them for your upcoming move.
People talking about finding free moving boxes.

Consult with your friends and colleagues where you can get free moving boxes.

Search the Internet

It might sound a little strange, but you can find moving boxes online, for free! There are many organizations that will give you free boxes. Take for example Freecycle. This giant network gives you the possibility to find people in your area that are willing to give you some of their belongings for free. This goes for moving boxes, too. This is only one way of finding boxes online for your move, but there are many more. Apart from Freecycle, there’s also an option to use Facebook and Craigslist.

As you can see, the Internet can be very helpful when it comes to relocating a home. You can search for tips for finding cheap storage unit in Tucson, but you can also get free cardboard boxes. So, you should invest your time in finding everything you need for your move. And keep in mind that if you manage to find moving boxes online, your move will be a lot easier.

Go out

Another way of finding everything you need for your relocation is to go outside and search for boxes in your surroundings. There are many places you can visit in order to get free boxes for your relocation. If you want to save money for the cost of Tucson movers you’ll have to visit as many locations as you can. Therefore, let’s try to help you. Here are only some of the locations where you should most definitely stop by.

Grocery store

Grocery stores are one of the most popular places for getting free boxes. People who work there are used to this so you’ll have no trouble in getting boxes. You should first make a stop at your favorite grocery store. The chances of getting free boxes will be higher in a place where you’re a loyal customer. After this, visit bigger stores like Wallmart. Everything can be found in Wallmart. Therefore, some spare cardboard boxes would be there, too.

Inside of a grocery store.

Every grocery store has many unused cardboard boxes.

Shopping mall

If you have a shopping mall near your home, you’re in luck! Shopping malls have many different stores. If you manage to get at least one box from every store, you’ll get enough of moving boxes for your relocation. So, what are you waiting for? Go buy something for yourself and get those moving boxes.

Local library

Whether it’s a big or a small library, cardboard boxes are present in almost every library. Most people who work in libraries know that for the book transportation or storing them you’ll need boxes. Therefore, there’s a big chance you’ll manage to get some of those boxes. This goes for libraries and for bookstores. Make sure you visit all of them!

Your old school

If you’re still living in a town where you went to school, this would be a great chance to visit it! It will bring back some memories and you’ll also be successful in getting boxes for free. School storages are crowded with boxes. All you have to do is to ask someone who’s in charge and get the boxes you need. It’s that easy!

Inside of a classroom.

If you want to be successful in finding cardboard boxes, you’ll have to visit schools that are near your home.

As we have already told you, finding free moving boxes isn’t hard. Sure, it will take some time, but trust us, it will also save you money. You’ll be glad you did it. So, wait no more! Plan your route and start the search for cardboard boxes as soon as you can!

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