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Full Size Trucks. Full Service Movers.
Moving Buddies provides all the requirements, including full size moving trucks with hydraulic lifts, and well trained, experienced movers.

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A Comfortable Blend...

Some customers prefer efficiency over precision. With us, you can have both.
Digital Inventories

Our exclusive photo-based inventory app is a game changer. Save time while saving the environment.

Gleaming Reputation

We are the top rated Tucson, AZ moving company, and we have every intention of keeping it that way.

The Cutting Edge

Moving Buddies is a paperless company that uses sophisticated software for all of its operations.

Full Service Tucson, AZ Movers

Moving Buddies has been proving Tucsonans with top-notch service for over a decade. As the years progressed our company evolved to become the #1 moving company in Southern Arizona (possibly the world). We are known for our expert technicians, innovative techniques, exclusive equipment, and unparalleled professionalism.

The Fundamentals

Blanketing & plastic wrapping are the first steps to a successful move. As usual, the plastic wrap is always FREE.

Ridiculous Equipment

We will match your 2,000 lb. toolbox with our 2,000 lb. rated off road dolly, and raise you a 4,000 lb. rated safe jack. Your call!

Fine Art Connoisseurs

From Tiffany Style lampshades to 800 lb. iron sculptures. We have safely transported millions of dollars of artwork over the years.

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