Decades of Experience, Loads of Integrity

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We have over 25 years experience.

Service With A Smile

We know moving is stressful, and nothing could make it any more stressful than a couple of sour-faced movers showing up at your door on moving day. That's why the number one requirement of all Moving Buddies staff is a positive attitude.

We also know that if you don't have happy movers, you won't have happy customers. We go out of our way to make sure our movers are taken care of, and given every resource they could possibly need.

A Tucson, AZ Moving Company With Deep Roots

Moving Buddies has provided Tucson and the surrounding areas with top notch service for over a decade. Tucson is our focus, and as the city evolves, we evolve with it.

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Moving Buddies Core

The guiding principal at Moving Buddies is a customer 2nd mentality.  Yes, our primary focus is our movers. We believe that if our movers are not content, it will not be possible to deliver the standard of service that is our claim to fame. This is an extremely difficult job, and for any human being to weather the storm that is relocation on a daily basis, their heads and their hearts must be in the game. We treat our movers with dignity, respect, and admiration. We learn from our guys and gals, and let their voices be heard. We afford them every tool, every advantage, and every consideration they need to fulfill their duties beyond our customers wildest expectations.

mission statement

Our Mission is simple: to provide our customers with transparent & competitive pricing, unparalleled service, superior protection, and TOTAL satisfaction, while making contributions to our community.

Selection Process

All of our crews go through a rigorous training/probation period, because we all know that what you see on an application is one thing, and what you see in the field is another thing, entirely. Our veteran crews actively participate in the selection process by running candidates through the gauntlet, so to speak.


All crew members must be versed in handling random challenges, problem solving, and controlling the general atmosphere (keeping everybody happy and healthy). We require these skills to be present from day 1, so that we can maintain our Elite Status.